1. Ten methods of enrichment at someone else's expense: the main forms of committing corruption crimes in the Armed Forces.
Koryakin V.M., lawyer,  In the article on the basis of data of the criminal chronicle  of the mercenary crime classification is made of the main forms of committing corruption crimes in the Armed Forces. Key words: corruption, crime, fraud,  bribes; abuse of official powers.

2. Illegal alienation of property of the military organizations as a result of infringement of principles of legal regulation of attitudes of a state ownership.
Smorchkova L.N., candidate of jurisprudence,   In article some principles of legal regulation attitudes of property with participation of military establishments with a view of protection of interests of the state are analyzed. Key words: military organization, legal status, property, рrinciples of law, legal regulation, legal regime of property.

3. New qualification requirements formilitary.
NSIlmeneykina, a law, Some newrules governingthe assignment, change and deprivation classroom training soldiers. Keywords: military, qualification requirements, rules, order of assignment.

4. Some questions of application of commanders (chiefs) and courts of norms of the Federal law «On liability of servicemen».
Коt P.A.,a law,   Тhe article considers the issues of law enforcement practice that is associated with the administrative and judicial order of attraction of servicemen to the material responsibility Key words: material liability; the execution of duties of military service; the material damage; the property of the military unit.

5. On some issues related to the limitations, prohibitions and responsibilities established for certain categories of persons who occupy certain positions within the military commissariats.
Efremov A.V.,headof the legal branchof the military commissariat of the Republicof Chuvashia,  The article discusses issues related to limitation and requirements to ban some employees military commissariats, occupying certain positions according to the list. Key words: restriction, prohibition, requirement, list, position, employee, employment, information, military commissariat, employer.

6. To administrative responsibility for offenses inthe field of public property.
DY Manannikov, lawyer,  Analyze practice  excitation prosecutor administrative proceedingsfor the improperuse of the federally ownednon-residential premiseswithoutproper documentsor in violationof established norms andrules ofoperation and maintenance ofnon-residential premises. Key words:attorney, administrative proceedings, commercial and industrial premises, inappropriate use.

7. Some contradictions in law enforcement in connection with the implementation of the provisions of paragraph 5 of Article 3 of the Federal Law «On the pay per person and provide them with separate payments» from November 7, 2011 № 306-FZ.
EN Trofimov, head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation VV Petrenko, chief legal adviser of the Department of FGU «Central regional administration legal support» of the Ministry of Defence, Considered legal practice to pay soldiers to be awarded the medal «70 years of the Soviet Armed Forces' redundancy pay from the military with an increase of one salary. Key words: soldier, dismissal from service, the payment of benefits for the award.

8. Benefits to veterans of combat operations on transportation tax.
A.V. Kazankov, Colonel Justice, The analysis of tax breaks on transportation tax provided in the Russian Federation in respect of that category of veterans, as combat veterans. Key words: combat veterans, transportation tax, benefits.

9. Legal regulation of cost recovery fees in military educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.
Zavalnuk A.V. Post-graduate officer, Border Guard Academy (FSB), major,  In the article the author provides the analysis of legal base, determining tuition expenses reimbursement in the  military educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.  Key words: tuition expenses reimbursement, trainees of the military educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus.

10. On the Maintenance of certain categories of citizens eligible for public housing sertifiikat.
Trofimov E.N., the chief of department Federal official body «Central regional government of legal maintenance» of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, In article the short characteristic of some consequences of an exception of military stations from the list closed  is given, and also the legal position which is distinct from standard,  concerning preservation behind some categories citizens, living in earlier  closed military stations, the rights to reception of the State housing certificate for acquisition of habitation out of these small towns is resulted. Key words: The military men, the closed military stations, the State housing certificate, resettlement, return force of the law, regional governments of housing maintenance of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

11. Military Mortgage: the division of property.
MN Bakovich, PhD, Associate Professor DE Sviridov, Major Justice,  We consider the case law of the storage-mortgage system for servicemen with housing. Key words:  military, housing, storage-mortgage system.

12. Some of the legal issues that arise in practice for payment of monetary compensation for rent (sublet) dwelling citizens dismissed from military service.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia,   In the article the question of payment of monetary compensation for rent (sublet) dwelling citizens dismissed from military service, which leads to problems of enforcement. Key words: military service, contract, accommodation, housing, compensation, subleasing dismissal from military service.

13. Military budget of the institution is not only entitled but also obliged to produce the indexation awarded to a citizen of the sums of compensation of harm.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia,   We consider the case law enforcement of a court order providing for the foreclosure on the budgets of the budgetary system of the Russian Federation.  Key words: personal injury, recovery in the courts, the indexing amounts.

14. If an employer withhold employment history or employment record made in the wrong account, the employee may claim damage.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia,  Considered controversial situation delay issuing employment record caused by the employer, which may occur for certain adverse  effects.  Key words: employer, employment history, delay in issuing the dismissal, and responsibility.

15. Features of the legal status of institutions run by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, at the present stage.
IG Savin, Ph.D., associate professor, professor of humanities and science disciplines of the Ryazan Higher irborne Command School (WI),
Analyzes the changes in the legal status of institutions run by the Ministry of Defence, due to changes in legislation.  Key words: military institutions, the legal status, change the law.

16. YN Military justice: the time limits of criminal jurisdiction for certain categories of military.
YN Tuganov, JD, Associate Professor,  Investigate the specificity of the legal status of the military (in terms of criminal liability) in the period following the date of completion of the contract for military service before the date of delisting of  the personnel of the military.  Key words: military, criminal liability, the specific status.

17. Not from the bag, but the prison ... When applied to the military amnesty?
O.Kukushkinа, a senior fellow at the Center for Legal Studies,  The question of whether, in any way and under what conditions a soldier can expect to use him amnesty. Key words: convicted serviceman, amnesty, grounds and conditions.

18. On the concept of «military».
NV Antipeva, Adviser of the constitutional principles of labor legislation and social protection of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor,  Examines the concept of «military» in terms of its lexical  meaning, as well as the scope of its application. Key words: soldier, a concept point of view.

19. On the realization of the constitutional guarantee of the right to free choice of place of residence in the armed forces.
Ilmeneykin P. V., lawyer,  In article the sense and the maintenance of standardly legal guarantee «the right of a free choice of a residence» in standards of the military legislation of the Russian Federation are analyzed.  Key words:  military personnel, citizens, right of a free choice of a residence, place of residence, housing rights, restrictions of the rights.

20. The history of creation, development and structure of the military police of the Armed forces of the Republic of Armenia.
Major AG Mkrtchyan, Associate Chair of the military administration, the administrative and financial rights of the Military University,  We consider the history of the creation of the military police of the Republic of Armenia, analyses its structure, functions and tasks.  Key words: military police; the armed forces; the rule of law, the rule of law.

21. When an employee of the military commissariat can be fired for any loss to him the confidence of the military commissariat (employer)?
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia,   Analyzed jurisprudence termination of contract in case of  culpable actions of employees directly serving the monetary or commodity values,  if these actions give rise to the loss of credibility on the part of the  employer.  Key words: Military Commission, employees, dismissal, loss of trust.