1. On the responsibility of the administrative officers of military units for not complying demands of the prosecutor.
Tereschyuk S., assistant Chelyabinsk garrison military prosecutor, Lt. Justice,  The paper presents the reasons and occasions of control prosecutorial investigation, as well as the procedure for preparation of materials for the excitation of an administrative case, in connection with the failure of legitimate demands of the prosecutor, against officers of the military unit. Key words: military, officer, armed forces, prosecutor.

2. Duty military personnel on the reporting of expenditures as a tool for the prevention of corruption in military organizations.
O.I. Mironov, a researcher at the Center for Legal Studies,  This article analyzes the use of military organizations of the Federal Law "On the control of the conformity of expenditure of individuals holding public office, and other persons of their income." Key words: military, corruption, verification of income and expenses.

3. A unified pattern of the document certifying the status of a member of the family of the deceased (died) veteran.
V.M. Korjakin, LL.D.,  Тhe article is a comment to the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 20, 2013 № 519, which approved the single sample, description and the order of issuing of the certificate of a member of the family of the deceased (died) disabled war, participant of the great Patriotic war and veteran of the battle action. Key words: veteran of the war; combat veteran; disabled war; member of the family of the deceased (died) veteran; single model certificates.

4. On some measures of social support for families of soldiers who lost their breadwinner
A.V. Bogolyubov, Senior Counsel of the Office of Special Communication and Information, Colonel of Justice,   The article deals with the problematic issues of housing for the families of servicemen who lost their breadwinner. Key words: soldier, family, housing, rental agreement.

5. Finding a soldier in the two queues for housing.
Glukhov EA, Colonel of Justice, teacher St. Petersburg Military Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, PhD in Law,  This article discusses setting the soldier on the waiting list for housing in the social contract of employment or in the property when finding it in the queue for service housing. It is concluded that the simultaneous finding of military personnel in the two queues.  Key words: soldier queue for housing, right to service housing, the emergence of military law to provide permanent housing.

6. On the right of military personnel to obtain home ownership: a brief analysis of the current practice.
O. Petrov, PhD,  The analysis of the forms of the armed forces the right to housing, including getting it in the property, in accordance with the Federal Law "On the Status of Servicemen.  Key words: military, the right to housing, the right shape.

7. On the question of jurisdiction of cases challenging the decisions and actions of the agencies under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation , and their officials.
K.L. Baskakov , Judge Yekaterinburg garrison military court, the lieutenant colonel of justice stock; E.N. Trofimov , lawyer, Lieutenant-Colonel of Justice stock,   The questions of jurisdiction of civilian personnel of institutions to ensure the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in which the leaders and officials of central bodies of these institutions are, as a rule, federal officials , and the heads of regional and territorial organizations of these agencies and their officials are classified as employees. Key words: military organizations , civilian personnel , jurisdiction , military courts.

8. Access to justice soldiers performing military service outside the territory of the Russian Federation.
S.V. Bulakovsky, State Councilor of Justice of the Russian Federation, 2nd class, Examined the content of the principle of free access to justice for citizens, including military service, on the legal protection of their legal rights. Key words: soldier, justice, free access, abroad.

9. Legal aid military commissar.
A.V. Efremov, head of the legal department of the Military Commissariat of the Chuvash Republic,  The problems of exemption from military service sons (brothers) killed (dead) soldiers, as well as of the changes in the Regulations of conscription.
Key words: draft board, concluding, deferment, exemption from conscription age, the recruit, the military commissariat, the stock, the public service.

10. Features manifestations of conflict of interest in public procurement for defense.
VM Korjakin, LL.D.,   Analyzed one of the most important elements of human anti-corruption techniques in government procurement of goods, works and services for the defense, which is the institution of prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest.
Key words: government procurement, defense, fight against corruption.

11.  Review of administrative practice of the 2013 Year on the cases related to complaints against the state customer and empowered agency’s actions (inaction) during the order placement for goods, works and services for the Department of Defense of Russian Federation and DoD’s institutions needs.
Svininyh E.A., candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the department of civil law, The author reviews and comments the administrative practice of the 2013 Year on the cases related to complaints against the state customer and empowered agency’s actions (inaction) during the order placement for goods, works and services for the Department of Defense of Russian Federation and DoD’s institutions needs. Key words: defense procurement and acquisition; contract system; department of defense.

12. «Line of defence» Serdyukov.
V.M. Korjakin,  Тhe paper discusses some details of criminal cases on the facts of abuse of real estate in the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation, and also connected with the activity of Oboronservis, analyzed the positions of the parties on these matters, and their strengths and weaknesses  Key words: of Oboronservis; corruption; sale property; financial abuse.

13. Some of the problems of national security and the fight against transnational organized crime in the border area of the Russian Federation.
I.V. Scheblykin, PhD, Associate Professor,  Considered a contributing cause of an increase in transnational organized crime in the border area. Key words: national security, border, cross-border crime.