1. To keep money in the savings Bank (the commentary to the legislation on the prohibition of military personnel have deposits in foreign banks).
VM Koryakin, LL.D., Тhe article describes the basic provisions of the legislation prohibiting certain categories of public servants, including members of armed forces to open and operate accounts (deposits), store cash and valuables in the foreign banks, located outside of the territory of the Russian Federation, own and (or) use of foreign financial instruments. Key words: corruption, deposits in banks, restrictions and prohibitions related to the military service.

2. Quanlity and detention by the administrative offender in the legal enforcement.
S.Kondratyev, PhD, SERGEY.DISS @ YANDEX.RU The article examines the legal regulation of the delivered SOLDIERS have committed administrative offenses. Identifying gaps administrative tort legislation substantially affect the rights of military personnel.  Key words: Delivered, the military, law enforcement, a misdemeanor.

3. The law «On liability of servicemen» determines that the reimbursement of the harm caused by the servicemen of the third parties, shall be at the expense of the state.
Коt P.A.,  Тhe article considers the issues of law enforcement practice that is associated with the compensation of the military part of the harm, caused by the servicemen of the third persons in the discharge of duties of military service Key words: material liability; the  execution of duties of military service; the material damage; compensation for damages; the right of recourse.

4. Some GI who were awarded the Jubilee Medal "70 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR".
Kharitonov SS, PhD, Professor,  Questions of additional payments undergoing military service under the contract to be awarded in the period of military service of state awards. Keywords: soldier, a state award additional payments.

5. Problems of legal regulation of defense product’s price formation.
Svininyh E.A., candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the department of civil law,  This article surveys the system and competence of public authorities in the sphere of defense procurement and acquisition. Also  the article is devoted to legal problems of defense product’s price formation at the conclusion of government contract. Key words: government contract; defense procurement and acquisition; price formation; products of military purpose.

6. About free privatization of premises and its problems in Armed forces of the Russian Federation.
Ilmeneykin P.V., lawyer, In article  standards of the legislation of the Russian Federation and legal relationship on free privatization of occupied premises in relation to Armed forces of the Russian Federation are analyzed. Key words: military personnel; the citizens discharged from military service; members of their families; premises; free privatization; laws.

7. On the monetization of housing for military personnel: research and practical commentary to the legislative initiative of the complete replacement of the natural housing for permanent housing for one-time payment for its purchase.
Vorobiev E. PhD, Associate Professor, Colonel of Justice,  Examined the legislative initiatives of intent to completely abandon the existing order of permanent dwellings in kind, replacing his institute one-time award.  Key words: housing for servicemen, the acquisition of property, payments.

8. Some issues of privatization of residential premises, provided under the contract of social hiring.
Egorchina E., lawyer, Тhe article examines the right of servicemen and citizens discharged from military service, the ownership of the premises given to them under the contract of social hiring. Key words: the right to housing; the privatization of living quarters; the contract of social hiring of premises.

9. On some issues arising in the practice of military courts to resolve civil cases on payment of allowance by the statements of military personnel with qualification level of state aviation flight personnel and enrolled at the disposal of commanders (chiefs) from the position of the flight personnel.
I.I.Israilov, a judge of the Rostov-on-Don garrison military court, PhD,  An assessment of whether the right of military flight personnel performing military service under the contract at the disposal of commanders (chiefs), for a high salary. Key words: military, flight crews, the disposal, monetary remuneration.

10. Peculiarities of the labour relations with the civil personnel of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation.
Chavusau A.B., lawyer,   In the article are analyzed the peculiarities of labour relations in the FSB of Russia, restrictions and prohibitions, which are set for civilian personnel working in the security bodies. Key words: labour relations; civil personnel of the security organs; restrictions and prohibitions.

11. The obligation of the employer to the employee on the proposal to be dismissed for redundancy, vacancy.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia, ,  This  article describes the legal obligations of the employer in question provide redundant employees vacant positions are available in the area, which leads to problems in law enforcement.
Key words: the normative act, the worker, the employer, the military commissariat, the employment contract, the duties, rights, responsibilities, area reduction, vacant post.

12. On the development of the military commissariat of local regulations.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia, ,   Abstract: The article discusses the legal questions on the design and order of approval of the job descriptions for employees of the military commissariats, current at the date of each employee to the military commissariat. Key words: Regulation, job description, employee, military commissariat, the employment contract, the duties, rights and responsibilities.

13. Some legal issues arising from draft boards in calling students to military service.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia, ,   The article discusses the legal issues relevant to date of call-up commissions arising during the conscription of citizens for military service, which makes the problem of enforcement. Key words: military service, conscription, draft Board,  education, postponing of diploma, vacation, Rector of the order.

14. The legality and validity of the distribution of workers by the military organizations of restrictions, prohibitions and obligations established for federal civil servants in question.
DE Zajkov, head of legal department of the Federal Ministry of Defense Russian autonomous institution, PhD, lawyer,     The article examines the legality and validity of the distribution of workers to military organizations restrictions, prohibitions and obligations established for federal civil servants. Key words: military organizations, workers, corruption.

15. Proposals to reduce red tape for pre-investigation of injuries soldiers.
Gluhov EA, Colonel of Justice, PhD, professor of SPVI MVD of Russia This article analyzes the current practice design investigation of injuries in military organizations of the state concludes its bureaucratic  nature and make suggestions for its improvement. Key words: military trauma,  pre-investigation check, the bureaucracy, the investigation of accidents, a report on the absen.