1. "Let me go!"
RA Troshchenko, teacher VUNTS branch of the Air Force, Air Force Academy NE Zhukovsky and Y. Gagarin 'lawyer,  Addressed the controversial issues of the legal regulations concerning the treatment of  servicemen in the performance guidance supervisor. Key words: soldier, handling, direct supervisor, an indication of legitimacy.

2. On the right of servicemen to participate in elections of the mayor of Moscow and the Governor of Moscow region.
AV Granatovich, lawyer, teacher,  Тhis article explains the basic rights of military servicemen, connected with the participation in elections of representative bodies, as well as command responsibility to ensure the electoral rights of the military servicemen. Key words: political rights of servicemen; electoral rights; elections; voting in elections.

3. Military police in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia: a comparative legal analysis.
VM Korjakin, Doctor of Law; AG Mkrtchyan, Major, associate chair of the military administration, administrative and financial  rights of the Military University, Summarizes many years of  discussion on the feasibility of the military police in the Russian Federation, examines the experience of its creation and activities in the Republic of  Armenia. Key words: military police, Armenia, Russia, the comparative analysis.

4. The Constitutional Court upheld the right of citizens discharged from military service, to be paid for rentals (sublease) of residential premises on the last post.
VM Korjakin, LL.D.,  Examines one of the measures of state support military and citizens discharged from military service, not the living space in the form of paying them compensation for the lease (sublease) of  living space. Key words: military service, hiring premises, compensation.

5. Is there a right soldier, serving under contract in the Far North, for reimbursement of payment of fare to the place of leave in the territory of the Russian Federation and back in your own transport?
SS Kharitonov, PhD, Professor,  Analyzes the legal nature of the fare citizen  living in the Far North and equivalent areas, to a place of rest and back, which in the opinion of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, to which the author is attached, is an advantage, bearing the compensatory. Key words: Far North, travel, recreation, compensation.

6. On the monetization of housing for military personnel: research and practical commentary to the legislative initiative of the complete replacement of the natural housing for permanent housing for one-time payment for its purchase.
Vorobiev E. PhD, Associate Professor, Colonel of Justice,   Examined the legislative initiatives of intent to completely abandon the existing order of permanent dwellings in kind, replacing his institute one-time award. Key words: housing for servicemen, the acquisition of property, payments.

7. The question of restricting the residence registration service members and their families residing in the official accommodation.
EN Trofimov, lawyer, Lieutenant-Colonel of Justice stock,  Analyzes the provisions of the contract of employment service premises, concluded with the military, including items for refusal of registration of servicemen and their families in the community at the addresses provided by the office premises. Key words: soldier, office accommodation, lease agreement, registration.

8. The legal regulation of work to ensure that the living quarters of servicemen and their families in the federal security service.
PV Ilmeneykin, lawyer,  Consider the form of the right to housing FSB servicemen through the organs of the FSB and the federal housing. Key words: military, FSB, housing, law, forms of implementation.

9. The right to receive compensation for the costs to pay for premises, utilities and other services in accordance with paragraph 4 of Article 24 of the Federal Law "On the Status of Servicemen".
AV Efremov, head of the legal department of the Military Commissariat of the Chuvash Republic,  Materials considered jurisprudence on registration certificates of eligibility for compensation payments in connection with the cost of paying the dwelling,  utilities and other services. Key words: Law on the status of military personnel, expenses for payment of the dwelling, the compensation information.

10. The problems of enforcement of judgments in housing disputes involving military personnel and military organizations.
ES Egorshina, lawyer,   The practical execution of courts ordering officials to provide housing soldier, whose order is provided by the Federal Law "On Enforcement Proceedings".  Key words: military, housing disputes, judicial decisions, execute.

11. On some issues related to the provision of a citizen who is a permanent guardian or busy care (care, surveillance), the deferment of military service.
AV Efremov, head of the legal department of the Military Commissariat of the Chuvash Republic,  The issues of deferment from military
service to citizens being a guardian or trustee of a minor brother (sister) in the absence of other persons required by law to keep these citizens. Key words: military recruitment, delays, guardian, minors.

12.  On some issues related to the appointment of persons to perform military service, retirement pensions.
Efremov A.V.The problems associated with the resolution of claims for a pension for years of service of persons who have been dismissed from the military service in the Armed Forces of seniority, which gives the right to a service pension, but did not apply after the termination of her appointment, as did the military or law enforcement service in the other troops, military formations and bodies. Key words: military service, retirement pensions, appointment.

13. Create mobilization of manpower.
MN Baković, PhD, Associate Professor,   Set out the legal mechanism for the creation of the mobilization of manpower in Russia. Key words: mobilization of manpower, the legal framework, procedures creation.

14. Criminal-law protection of the interests of national defense in France.
N.A Shulepov, Honored Lawyer of Russia, Doctor of Law, professor, corresponding member of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Head of International and Constitutional Law MSLU,  The analysis of the actions of the French Code of Defense in 2004 («Code de la defense»), which in my opinion was not created by codification in the traditional sense, but through the incorporation and partial consolidation of legislation and regulations relating to the national defense. Key words: France, Code of defense analysis.

15. Some difficulties qualification of crimes against military chain of command and statutory relationships.
I.I. Israilov, a judge of the Rostov-on-Don garrison military court, PhD,   Analyzes the case law, in particular the  errors due to wrong assessment of the relationship of the victim and the perpetrator, in the performance of military duties. Key words: military crimes, qualification, hazing.

16. Innovations contract system in the field state (municipal) procurement.
K.V. Simonovsky, candidate of economic Sciences, major,    January 1, 2014 shall enter into force on the Federal law from April 5, 2013 № 44-FZ «On the contract system in the sphere of procurement of goods, works, services for state and municipal needs», which aims to significantly improve the quality of provision of public (municipal) needs. The article considers such innovations of this law as the creation of the Institute of contract service customers, procurement planning for the long term, anti-dumping measures, public control over public procurement, audit results of the execution of public contracts, the centralization of procurement. Key words: contract system, government procurement, innovations, planning, control, and auditing.

17. Estimation of efficiency of execution of state contracts under the state defense order.
.N.V. Kandybko, Professor of the chair of management of economy of  production and repair of weapons and Military equipment of the University,  doctor of economic Sciences, associate Professor,   The efficiency of the execution of state contracts under the state defense order is considered as a comprehensive concept that includes: target efficiency as the degree of fulfilment of state defence needs; economic efficiency, characterizing the cost of meeting the government defense needs from the point of its reasoning and cost on defence procurement; operational efficiency, characterizing the quality of the formation and execution of conditions of the state contract, as well as the efficiency of the system management contract, characterizing the efficiency of the organization of the contract performance and quality monitoring system.  Key words: the state defense order; state contact; target efficiency; cost-effectiveness; operational efficiency; effectiveness of the management contract.

18. Methodological aspects of the organization of monitoring of procurement goods, works and services for state and municipal needs.
I.V. Chistov, head of the economic management of production and maintenance of weapons and equipment of military production, Doctor of Economics, Professor; S.E. Zakutnev, assistant professor of management of the economy of production and maintenance of weapons and equipment of military production, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor,  One mechanism formed in the Russian Federation con-contractual, the system of procurement of goods, works and services to ensure th-State and municipal purposes shall be to organize the monitoring of procurement, from identifying the supplier (contractor, execute la) and ending with the performance of obligations parties to the contract. In the article the author examines the nature and function of monitoring procurement requirements to it, steps in organizing the monitoring of procurement, as well as characterized by indicators which may be used for purposes of monitoring Xia procurement. Key words: contract system, procurement of goods, works and services for state and municipal needs; monitoring.

19. Procedure for payment of a monthly premium class qualification military personnel and salary increases for military post military flight the composition and parachutists-testers.
V.M. Koprov, Lecturer of the Department of Automation and computing facilities of the Military Space Academy A.F. Mozhaiskogo (branch Yaroslavl), captain, Ph.D. in Economics,   The article describes the procedure for establishing and paying a monthly premium class qualification and salary increases for military position within the new military pay. Key words: allowance, classroom skills, the new allowance, flight crews.

20. Problems of legal regulation of pricing in the state defense order.
Svininykh EA Pork, PhD, associate professor, The author notes the existence of problems of legal regulation of pricing MPP purchased as a single supplier (contractor artists) and by tendering. In this connection, he concludes  that the need to improve the efficiency of legal regulation by establishing a reasonable balance between the interests of producers and government customers PVN. Key words: state defense order, pricing, problems of legal regulation.