1. Legal regulation of processing applications and the organization receiving the service members and military families at the Main Military Prosecutor's Office.
Taranenko V.V., Kharitonov S.S. , PhD, Associate Professor; S.S. Kharitonov, PhD, Professor,   Considered a legal institution for processing applications and the organization receiving the service members and military families to the Main Military Prosecutor's Office. Key words: military prosecutor's office, the military, treatment.

2. On payment of monetary allowances during the period of military man in possession, as well as in the case of imposing on him a temporary performance of duties by a vacant military post, which does not take military.
A.N. Movchan, the judge of the St. Petersburg garrison military court,   The analysis of the jurisprudence of the St. Petersburg garrison military court on military pay. Key words: soldiers, allowance, payments.

3. Legal regulation of military men academic ranks awarding for pedagogical and scientific activity in state certification system.
Zorin O.L., candidate of  juridical science, senior lecturer of the Air Force Academy (Voronezh), lieutenant-colonel,   Tomilov A.A., candidate of military science, professor of the Air Force Academy (Voronezh)  Abstract: the new procedure of awarding of professor and senior lecturer academic ranks to the Russian Federation Military Forces servicemen is analysed in the article.  Keywords: academic rank, servicemen.

4. Public prosecutor's supervision over the implementation of laws in the conduct of military exercises and other activities outside of combat training places of permanent deployment as a priority area of the military prosecutor's office.
Vorobiev A.G., Kharitonov S.S., PhD, Professor,   Substantiates the relevance and priority of prosecutorial  supervision over the implementation of laws in the conduct of military exercises and other activities of combat training.  Key words: public prosecutor's  supervision, military training, military prosecutor's office.

5. Some legal aspects of improving the system of injury prevention troops Navy of  the Russian Federation.
O. Petrov, PhD, captain 2 rank stock,   The problems of security troops to protect their health,  injury prevention in daily activities of the troops. Key words: soldiers, injuries, prevention.

6. Tenancy agreement of the housing stock for social use and its differences from the contract social tenancy.
V.M. Korjakin. The article describes a new form of housing - under a lease of premises housing the social use, reveals the features of the contract, and also shows how it differs from the contract social tenancy. Key words: providing living quarters; tenancy agreement; social housing use; apartment building.

7. On some questions of a legal nature, arising in practice, the rights of military personnel (citizens discharged from military service) for a grant for the purchase or construction of residential premises.
E.N. Trofimov, lawyer, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice stock, The problems of housing for military personnel and citizens discharged from military service in the form of the provision of funds for the purchase or construction of residential buildings. Key words: military, housing subsidies.

8. As a soldier to surrender a dwelling authorized body housing the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.
Titov V.V.h, Legal Counsel of the military unit 35353, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice; Kalashnikov V.V., Candidate of Law, lieutenant Colonel of Justice,  The paper analyzes the legislation contains the conclusions of the court practice on issues related to  the violation of the rights of servicemen during the liberation of housing and help with their delivery. Key words: the liberation of the dwelling, a  soldier, a certificate of deposit of the dwelling.

9. Legal regulation of relations between the participants in the accumulative-mortgage system of housing for military personnel and tax authorities to return to the budget incorrectly granted a property tax deduction.
Trofimov M. V., candidate of legal sciences. The article is devoted to the problems of realization of the right to property income tax deduction for the participants in the accumulative-mortgage system of housing for military personnel. Key words: taxation of military personnel, income tax deduction, accumulative-mortgage system of housing for military personnel. 

10. Model terms and conditions of a defense contract.
Svininyh E.A., candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the department of civil law,     The Government Model Provisions on the terms and conditions of a defense contract are commented in the article. The conclusion is made that  in the absence of model contracts these Provisions allow to improve the quality of contractual work in the sphere of the defense procurement and acquisition. The author notes some shortcomings of the Provisions. Key words: government contract; defense procurement and acquisition; government procurement.

11. Administrative responsibility for failure to perform military transport mobilization duties.
Y.A. Sokolov, senior assistant on legal working the chief of the department military commissariat Rostov-on-Don area on Proletarian and Pervomayskу district Rostov-on-Don, The purpose of administrative penalties for failure to perform military transport mobilization  duties, as other legal activities should be carried out in accordance with the generally accepted legal principles and norms of the Russian legislation. About  how it implement in administrative proceedings military commissariats, will be discussed in this paper. The study of the procedural decisions of the officials  and judges will help to identify problems associated with the use of article  19.25 code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences. At the same  time the author will describe the content of military transport duties of  citizens and legal persons. Key words: military transport duty, offence,  administrative liability, military commissariat, legal person, abolition of the  administrative decree.

12. Domitsily military personnel and their active electoral right.
Vorobyev E.G., the candidate of jurisprudence, the senior lecturer, the colonel of justice Frequent discrepancy of a place of continuous accommodation of the military personnel (domitsily) with a place of passing of military service generates difficulties in implementation of their active electoral rights at regional and municipal level. It assumes entering into the current legislation of changes and the additions eliminating obstacles in this form of participation of citizens in administration of the state and local government. Key words: Military personnel. Electoral rights. Availability of participation in elections. Domitsily. Residence. Place of military service. Improvement of the legislation on elections.

13. The provisions of the Disciplinary Regulations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation require clarification.
R.A. Troshchenko, a senior lecturer  in the branch of the Air Force VUNTS "V.V.A. them N.E. Zhukovsky and Y.A.  Gagarin, "the lawyer, The article describes the rules governing the application of disciplinary measures and deadlines. Control the Armed Forces, formalized terms of disciplinary penalties, does not define them exhaustively, admits their different, sometimes misinterpretation. Key words:  disciplinary regulations, use, recovery, time.

14. On the quality of draft regulations Anti-Corruption.
Zaykov D.E., Head of the Legal Service of the FAA, "25 Research Institute Chemmotology Russian Defense Ministry ", PhD The author critically examines the draft order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation regulating the procedure for the establishment and activities of the commissions to comply with the requirements of the official conduct of employees and settlement of conflicts of interest. Key words: fight against corruption, military organizations, commissions, conflicts of interest.