1. Anti-corruption: inadequate legal regulation and practice.
Zajkov DE, head of the legal service of the FAA Russian Ministry of Defense, PhD, In this article the author considers the specifics of the legal regulation of the legal status of workers limits military organizations to fight corruption and to implement them in particular enforcement of the Defence Ministry.
Key words: corruption, restrictions, prohibitions, obligations, revenues and expenses.

2. To some problems with the using in the military organizations of Russian Federation Government resolution of January 9, 2014, № 10.
Baranenkova I.V.,  candidate of legal Sciences, Тhe article deals with some problems of application of norms on the procedure of notification about the receipt of gifts by public servants and workers of military organizations. Key words: requirements for official conduct, anti-corruption  restrictions, bans, duties of servicemen and workers of military organizations, the ban on receiving gifts, the ceremonial events.

3. Actual problems of counter-narcotics drug and drug-related crime in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
K.V. Kharabet, PhD, Associate Professor, The analysis of drug addiction and drug-related crime  servicemen at the present stage, which according to the author acting as dangerous threats to the military security of the country at the same time and  drug safety of man, society and the state. Key words: soldiers, drug addiction, norkoprestupnost, countering problems.

4. Legal regulation of the material liability of servicemen in some States - former republics of the USSR.
Коt P.A., Тhe article presents the  comparative-legal analysis of the legislation concerning the liability of  servicemen of the Republic of Abkhazia, Republic of Armenia, the Republic  Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russian Federation, Republic Of Uzbekistan,  Ukraine. Key words: material liability; material damages, compensation for material damage.

5. Promised three years of waiting (some of the consequences of suspension of the annual indexation of money allowances of servicemen).
V.M.Koryakin, LL.D., Тhe article is devoted to the analysis of reasons and  consequences of the decision on suspension until 2015 action of norms of the law on indexation of money allowances of servicemen. Key words: monetary  allowances, indexation of salaries, inflation.

6. Some of the legal issues related to non-recurring benefit citizens - people with disabilities due to war injuries received during military service in the Armed Forces.
A.V. Efremov, head of the legal department of the Military Commissariat of the Chuvash Republic, The analysis of  judicial practice forms of social protection of Russian military death (death)  is connected with the performance of military duties. Key words: soldiers,  death, social protection.

7. Another attempt to modernize the military housing legislation (commentary to the Federal law of December 28, 2013, № 405-FZ).
D.Y. Gaydin, Legal Counsel Division FSO Russia; V.M. Korjakin, LL.D., Тhe article is a  commentary to the Federal law of December 28, 2013, № 405-FZ, according to which  from January 1, 2014 , introduced a new alternative form of housing for  servicemen, citizens discharged from military service: the provision of housing subsidies for the construction or purchase of housing. Key words: housing  allowance, housing, the right to housing, social protection of servicemen.

8. On the guestion of payment for additional total area of premises exceeding the establishend norm of providing area of the premises.
E. N.Trofimov, the lawyer, the lieutenant colonel of justice in a stock, The  article provides a brief analysis of the Government of Russian Federation dated October 24, 2013 № 942, its fundamental difference from the pre-existing order  of realization of the right to receive a serviceman premises with a total area exceeding the norm of providing housing. The article also highlights some of the problems of implementation of the rights associated with the removal of restrictions area of the premises provided by the soldier over the established norms. Key words: Resolution of the Government, Minister of Defence, the compensation cost of the federal budget, judgment, appeal determination, unjust  enrichment, corruption component.

9. Some legal problems associated with the granting of postponements of military conscription law enforcement officers arising in practice.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia, In the article the legal problems associated with the granting of postponements of military conscription law enforcement  officers. Key words: the draft Board, opinion, postponing of that exemption,  age, a conscript military commissariat officer, law enforcement service.

10. Administrative and criminal responsibility of citizens subject to conscription.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia, The article deals with legal issues related to administrative and criminal responsibility of citizens for their evasion of military service. Key words: the draft Board,  opinion, postponing of that exemption, age, a conscript military police, administrative and criminal responsibility, evasion, call.

11. Legal aspects of the certification of civilian personnel of educational institutions of higher education Defense Ministry held the positions of teachers.
Savin IG , professor of humanities and natural sciences RVVDKU ( VI) , PhD , Associate Professor , Considered priorities for training and military education and military science capacity building , including the issues of forming a highly professional teaching corps of  educational institutions of higher education Defense Ministry. Key words:  military schools , certification, priorities .

12. New aspects in legal regulation of defense product’s price formation.
Svininyh E.A., candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of  the department of civil law, The author of the article  analyzes the new Provision on the state regulation of prices for defense products. The author makes a conclusion about the complexity and delay the  procedure of determination of target prices for defense products, as well as redistribution of powers between the participants of the process of defense product’s price formation. Key words: government contract; defense procurement and acquisition; price formation; products of military purpose; government procurement.

13. Delimitation of embezzlement committed by officials of the financial service of the military units of the Republic of Armenia in the form of misappropriation
and embezzlement from related offences.
V.B. Arshakian, Customs Major, associate chair of the Military University of criminology, Тhe article is devoted to the study of distinguishing the
embezzlement committed officials of the financial service of the military units of the Republic of Armenia in the form of misappropriation and embezzlement from related crimes crimes - theft, arbitrariness, fraud. Key words: theft of  cash, misappropriation and embezzlement, theft, arbitrariness, fraud.

14. On the determination of official administrative law.
 S.Kondratyev, PhD, Associate Professor, The analysis of such special subjects of administrative responsibilities as officials who are subject to administrative sanctions if they commit an administrative offense in connection with the failure or improper performance of their duties. Key words: officials,  administrative responsibility, problem.