1. The activities of the military police in the Russian Federation legalized.
V.M.Koryakin, LL.D., In the article the analysis of the main provisions of the Federal law «On amendments to some legislative acts of the Of the ussian Federation on the activities of the military police of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation». Key words:  military police, legitimacy, the rule of law; military discipline.

2. Legality direction soldier, military service to make proceedings in judicial and investigative bodies are located in another locality.
I.V. Dushkin , Head of Department - Deputy Head of Legal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs  GKVV Russia, Colonel of Justice, The problems associated with providing turnout soldier on call in the bodies of preliminary investigation and judicial authorities . Key words: military, investigative bodies, inquiries, turnout problem.

3. About some problems of legislative regulation of terms and conditions of the liability of servicemen.
Коt P.A., The article presents  the analysis of the conditions of liability of servicemen, illustrates the  differences between the concepts of «conditions of liability» and «base material responsibility», identified gaps and inconsistencies in the regulation of this kind of legal responsibility, offered some measures on improvement of legal regulation of liability Key words: material responsibility of the military;  the conditions of liability; bases of liability.

4. Organizational and legal mechanism for representing the employees (soldiers) of the Federal Security Service of the cost, as an element of anti-corruption.
Kichigin N.V., the legal counsel of the border Department of the Federal Security Service in the Republic of Armenia, The  article is devoted to the review of the Russian legislation in the field of  combating corruption, in particular the filing by the Federal Security Service of information on the cost of the practical problems arising from the filing of the certificates, as well as possible solutions. Problem is relevant in connection with the filing of the briefs before 30 April of the current year.  Key words: countering corruption, proof of income, expenses, the filing  officer.

5. Back to the issure of the right to parental leave for male servicemen.
Zorin O.L., candidate of juridical science, senior lecturer of the Air Force Academy (Voronezh), lieutenant-colonel, Abstract: the article  deals with the conflict between the individual acts of the European Court of Human Rights and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation on the issue of parental leave for male servicemen. Key words: parental leave, European Court on Human Rights, Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

6. On the granting of additional leave with pay citizens dismissed from military service, receiving the second higher vocational education.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia, In the article the legal issues associated with the possibility of getting the employer additional paid leave citizens, retired from  military service in civilian educational institutions. Key words: education, military service, dismissal, leave, salary, average earnings, higher education, secondary, vocational, employer.

7. Former legal order for servicemen permanent living quarters fundamentally changed. What follows from this?
Vorobev E.G., the candidate of jurisprudence, the senior lecturer, the colonel of justice, The new provisions of the law on the status of servicemen significantly changed the way of housing for permanent housing. There have been  both positive and negative aspects of a new legal mechanism aimed at providing housing priority replacement in kind payment of sums of money for its purchase  or construction. Keywords: Military status. Housing for servicemen. New forms of housing. Replacement of providing housing. Housing subsidy.

8. The question of law enforcement officer to residential premises from the Russian ministry of defence when he and (or) of his family members have in their living room (living guarters) received him (them) through privatization.
E. N.Trofimov, the lawyer, the lieutenant colonel of justice in a stock, This article provides an analysis of the procedure "de-privatization" of the previous premises, resulting in the property by way of privatization, as well as the legal consequences of such actions. Discusses  possible options for obtaining new housing from the Russian Defense Ministry servicemen who have decided to use the right "de-privatization". Key words:  military, housing privatization, "de-privatization", an area rate housing, gratuitous transfer of property, location favorites, dismissal from military service.

9. Problematic issues of registration of servicemen and their families in the community and recognize their need of accommodation.
S.N. Bordin, PhD, Analysis of paragraph 1 of Article 15, paragraph 3, of the  Federal Law of May 27, 1998 № 76-FZ "On the Status of Servicemen", in which soldiers - citizens doing military service under the contract, and their family  members who came to a new place of military service soldiers - citizens to obtain a premises under the standards established by federal laws and other  normative legal acts of the Russian Federation, registered in the community, including their request to the addresses of military units. Key words:  soldier, registration at the place of military service problems.

10. About bills relating to the organization conscription for military service.
A.V. Efremov, head of the legal department of the Military Commissariat of the Chuvash Republic, An analysis of legislative initiatives, according to which legal problem is solved, according to which evaded conscription recognized only one citizen who has received a summons under the personal signature and was not on the draft board. Key words: call, dodging bills.

11. About the circle of persons under constant care that citizens have the deferment of military service.
In the article the legal issues associated with the ability to get an exemption from military service to the citizens, who are  permanent care of a mother, father, wife, mother, sister, brother, grandfather, grandmother or adopter. Key words: the draft Board, opinion, postponing of  that exemption, age, a conscript military commissariat, withdrawal, disability, supporter, guardian, trustee.

12. Procedure for the transfer of military property rental agencies under the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
Zajkov D.E., head of the legal service of the FAA Russian Ministry of Defense, PhD, The author considers the procedure for the lease of property agencies under the Ministry of Defense, and the problems of its legal regulation. Key words:  property, rental, disposal, use, Armed Forces, bidding, auction, tender.

13. Legal description of the subject of the legal ban on the admission of the goods, occurring from the foreign states, works (services), performed (rendered) by foreign persons, for the purposes of implementation of procurement of goods, works (services) for the country's defense and state security.
Svininyh E.A., candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the department of civil law, The author of the article assesses legal ban on the admission of the goods, occurring from the foreign states, works (services), performed  (rendered) by foreign persons, for the purposes of implementation of procurement of goods, works (services) for the country's defense and state security. The  author questioned the possibility of it’s exact compliance by the state customers in the absence of clear boundaries of the term «needs of country's defense and state security». Key words: government procurement; contracting  out; contract system; needs of the country's defense and state security.

14. Situation of theft of cash officials of the financial service of the military administration bodies of the Republic of Armenia.
V.B. Arshakian Customs Major, associate chair of the Military University criminology, Тhis article explores the situation of theft of cash  officials of financial services of the bodies of military management The Armed Forces Of The Republic Of Armenia. Special attention is drawn to the types of expenditures, the main types of financial operations, which are important in the study of the situation of theft. Key words: the situation of theft of cash  flows; the financial service of a military establishment; internal inspection Commission; the investigator of the military Prosecutor's office.

15. On the possibility of challenging the acts of prosecutorial response.
Glukhov EA, Colonel of Justice, teacher St. Petersburg Military Institute of the  Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, PhD in Law, The  article is devoted to the military organization established rules for examining acts of prosecutorial response, detected defects of the legislation on the  binding force of the protests and representations prosecutor examines ways challenged. Key words: acts of prosecutorial response, mandatory requirements  of the prosecutor, challenging actions of the prosecutor, the prosecutor and the relationship of the military officials, the right to guide the subordinate staff.

16. Internal Political conflicts and Armed Forces: the experience of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Sheyrenov B.Sh. Colonel Justice, associate chair of the military administration, administrative and financial rights of the Military University,
Тhe article covers issues of legal regulation of the internal functions of the army, describes the problems of participation of the Armed  Forces in the resolution of political conflicts. Key words: Armed forces; the Armed Forces; political conflict; depoliticization of the army.