1. Some legislative support in defense of the State Duma of the VI convocation.
Shchukin A.V. The article highlights the  results of the work of the Defence Committee of the State Duma of the VI  convocation for the past two and a half years. Key words: State Duma of the  Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; defense; Defence Committee; laws on  defense.

2. Legal support integration of Crimea into Russia: military legal  aspect.
Koryakin V.M., LL.D., The article examines the  military and legal problems connected with joining of Crimea to the Russian  Federation, with the involvement of the military infrastructure of Crimea in  structure of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Substantiated proposals  on introduction in military legislation changes associated with these  processes Key words: Republic of Crimea, Ukraine; Armed Forces;  military-administrative division of the Russian Federation; military service.

3. Some legal aspects of the courts of paragraph 16 of article 34 of the Provisions on order military service when considering an application soldiers, related to exemptions from the list of personal sostavah troops, without final expenditures.
Trofimov E.N., The article provides a brief  analysis of the development of the application of paragraph 16 of Article 34 of  the Regulations on the military service in the judicial practice, as well as  proposals on the establishment of statutory penalties for late payment of the  owed money allowances and additional payments, including the exclusion of a  serviceman from the lists of personnel military unit. Key words: soldiers,  dismissal from military service exception of personnel lists, final payment,   reasonableness and adequacy of redress, restoration of military service, the recovery in the lists of the personnel of the military.

4. On some questions of the proceedings in accordance with the Disciplinary Regulations of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
Bordin S.N., PhD in Law, The article covers the most common shortcomings in  the work of the military officials to conduct the proceedings in the commission of military disciplinary offense, preparing the draft order to attract soldier  disciplined. Key words: military disciplinary proceedings; proceedings.

5. Problems of legal regulation of anti-corruption relations associated with obtaining gifts employees of military organizations.
Zajkov D.E., PhD in Law, The article with a critical eye the peculiarities of legal  regulation of relations connected to give employees gifts military
organizations, in order to counter corruption. Key words: gifts, home  improvements, anti-corruption, workers, military organizations.

6. The new order of issuing, passed military service conscripts recommendations in  education.
Efremov A.V., The article briefly discussed the  new order of issuing recommendations for education for citizens who have been  called up for military service. Key words: the appeal of the military recommendation, University preparatory program, admission, selection, priority,  higher education, benefit, Commander of.

7. Some of the legal issues that arise when health care institution citizen, ismissed from military service for medical care that is not a member of the territorial compulsory medical insurance program.
Efremov A.V.,  The article deals with the legal issues arising in practice  when citizens discharged from military service in health care institutions for  medical assistance and the recovery of costs incurred. Key words: military service, dismissal, the right to education, medical services, compensation, expenses, pensions.

8. Rejection of the proposed dwelling: the abuse of the legal right or serviceman.
Kalashnikov V.V., PhD in Law, The article  analyses the issue of providing servicemen residential premises, which do not  meet the requirements for regulatory compliance.  Key words: soldier, refusal  provided with accommodations.

9. Together or instead? (the question of the choice of the form of housing supply).
Gaydin D.J., In this article the article presents  a point of view on the problem of definition of the form of housing for  servicemen. Key words: housing for servicemen, the subsidy for the purchase  or construction of residential premises, provision of living quarters.

10. Obtaining permanent housing during the period of military service the military, the first contract for military service after 1998.
Glukhov E.A., PhD in Law, In this article the author reveals the contradictions of the  legislation on the term of vesting of certain categories of military personnel in recognition of their need of permanent housing . The conclusion on the  legality of providing servicemen who have signed the first contract for military service after January 1, 1998 , permanent housing if they have 20 years of  seniority in the military service prior to dismissal from service. Key words: permanent housing for servicemen , date of the first contract , corruption-factors , the relationship of permanent housing for servicemen and discharge from military service , elected domicile.

11. Determination of the place of residence for the purposes of a serviceman civil proceedings.
Voronov A.F., LL.D., The article examines the jurisprudence, laws and regulations on the definition of residence serviceman to  establish territorial jurisdiction of civil cases, writing statements (statement of claim) and address other issues of civil procedure Key words: protecting the rights of soldiers, civil process, location soldier, registration at the place of residence and sojourn.

12. About a bill providing for the passage of university students of compulsory military service during their training they.
Efremov A.V.,   The article briefly considered a new Bill to allow for the  students during their training in high school to undergo military service for conscripts. Keywords: the draft Board, opinion, postponing of that exemption,  age, a conscript military commissariat, education, student, study leave, a
university scholarship.

13. Legal grounds for the closed bidding (by the example of procurement of goods, works and services for state defense).
Svininyh E.A., PhD in Law, In the article the legal grounds for the closed bidding are scrutinized. The author offers some measures on perfection of the modern legislation to promoting competition between potential defense  contractors. Key words: government contract; defense procurement and  acquisition; government procurement; bidding.

14. Creating a service contract (contract manager) state customer - the law enforcement agency.
Kirillov P.V., PhD in Law, The article examines how to create a service contract, contractual appointment manager, their credentials. The author points out features of the disclosure in the position of the service contract authority and responsibility of its staff. Key words: law enforcement agency; provision (regulation) on contract service; requirements for employees on contract service.

15. Role and importance of the category of "military disitsiplina" in the mechanism of disciplinary responsibility of the military.
Kondratyev S.M., PhD in Law, The article discusses the theoretical issues related to the  concept of military discipline. Summarized established to date basic approaches to understanding military discipline, defined its role and significance in the  mechanism of disciplinary responsibility of the military. Submitted by copyright definition of military discipline. Keywords: soldier, military discipline, disciplinary liability.

16. The basic directions of perfection of preparation of a modern military psychologist.

Mishchenko I.N., Ph.D, The article analyzes the main trends of development of modern society characterized by the intensification of socio-psychological tension, and a conclusion is made on strengthening the role of psychological assistance to the population in ensuring the stability of society. Justifying the main directions in which to prepare modern military psychologists. Key words: psychological work; military psychology; training of military psychologists; improvement of psychological support.