1.Raising the maximum age limit of citizens for military service (commentary to the Federal law of 2 April 2014 in Questions and answers).
Koryakin V.M., Тhe article gives a scientific-practical commentary to the Federal law of 2 April 2014 "On amendments to articles 49 and 53 of the Federal the law "On military duty and military service". This law increased by 5 years age limit of stay of citizens for military service, and the age of stay of citizens in reserve. Key words: military service; the age limit of stay in the military servicemen; stocks; stay in stock.

2. Prize for the faithful and efficient performance of duties: the controversial issues of legal regulation and enforcement.
R.A. Troshchenko, Lecturer, Department of the Air Force branch VUNTS "VVA them. NE Zhukovsky, and Yu  Gagarin, "the lawyer, Analyzed divisiveness and ambiguity of  some legal rules governing the payment of premiums for the faithful and  efficient performance of duties. Key words: military, duties, awards.

3. Evidence on Affairs about administrative offences involving servicemen.
Tuganov YU.N., chief researcher Russian Academy of justice, doctor of legal Sciences, Professor, academician of RANS, On  the basis of studying law-enforcement practices of review of individual categories of administrative cases against military personnel, analyses the  problems of the evidence on these matters. Key words: legal responsibility, administrative responsibility, the right to protection, evidence.

 4. Other personal interest as a motive malfeasance.
I.F. Kilchitskiy, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation, Analyzed motif offenses  such as abuse of office and forgery, which is often self-erving or other personal interest. Key words: malfeasance, motive, personal interest.

5. Tax privileges veterans of operations on transport tax.
A.V. Kazankov, Comparative analysis of the status of the war party in the  legislation of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Key words: analysis of the status of war veteran, war veteran, veteran.

6. On some issues related to the appointment of the disability pension to persons to perform military service in other states.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia,  The article deals with the question of the ight to a disability pension to a person resident in the Russian Federation, which is  currently a foreign national having passed military service in the Soviet Union, the Russian Federation has received a residence permit on the basis of the pension legislation of the Russian Federation and in accordance with international greements. Key words: military service, disability, pension, the Commonwealth, the States, the USSR, pension, disability, group agreement, the Commonwealth, the disability pension, employment pension, the pension age.

7. Rights of family members of the deceased soldier to receive a lump sum monthly payments and pension survivor concessional depend on causation of death soldier with the performance of military duties, established military medical examination
Efremov A.V., In the article the relevant legal question of judicial protection of the rights of family members of the deceased (deceased), related to the possibility of appeal against the findings of the medical examinations. Key words: military service, the deceased, the  deceased, performance, social support, widow, widower, marriage, survivor's pension, benefits, military-medical Commission, military-medical examination.

8. The housing provision for servicemen in favorites place of residence.
Gaydin, D.J., Тhe article analyzes some aspects of the implementation  of the rights of the servicemen of housing provision in the form of providing accommodations in favorites place of residence. Key words: housing provision  for servicemen, providing accommodations, favorite place of residence.

9. On the question of providing servicemen discharged (fired) from military service "is not discounted" base.
E. N.Trofimov, the lawyer, the lieutenant colonel of justice in a stock, ,  The article discussing readers submitted the most problematic issues of servicemen discharged (fired) from military service "not privileged" and having the base at the time of dismissal  of the total duration of military service 20 years or more, living quarters and their chosen after leaving the military DC place of residence. Also made  proposals for resolving the existing problems in the implementation of such rights specified category of servicemen. Key words: military, military  service, dismissal from military service, the place of military service,
favorite place of residence, providing living quarters, housing allowance, closed military towns, closed administrative-territorial formations.

10. The administrative arrangements punishments appointed officials military commissioners, and responsibility for the evasion of the administrative penalty.
J.O. Sokolov , Senior Assistant Chief Legal Work Department of the Military Commissariat Rostov region and Proletarian Pervomajski district of Rostov- on-Don, Discussed procedural issues involving  citizens to administrative responsibility for offenses within the jurisdiction  of the case on which the officials of military recruitment offices. Key words: military recruitment, officials, administrative penalties.

11. Protection of public order and combating offenses: military or law enforcement service?
Gluhov EA, Colonel of Justice, PhD, professor of Russian MVD SPVI MVD Russia Strokov SA, Colonel, Head of the Faculty of command SPVI MVD Russia, The article considers the problem of some formations Russian Interior Ministry in terms of referring them to the military and law enforcement ¬ state civil service. Concludes that there is some overlapping powers ¬ formation vany internal troops and police. It is proposed to eliminate duplication fully ¬ mochy by changing the composition of the federal bodies of executive power, which provided military service. Key words: military service, law enforcement service, the functions of defense and state security, public order, internal troops of the Russian Interior Ministry, duplicating of governmental organizations.

12. On some issues of concern administrative activities of military recruitment offices in the implementation of conscription for military service.
In article the public law policy in the area of administrative activity of the military commissariats in Russia. Key words: the draft Board, opinion, postponing of that exemption, age, a conscript military commissariat, administration, dodging responsibility, agenda, turnout, call, fine.

13. Legal analysis of the concept of «сitizen which evades military service on an appeal».
Y.A. Sokolov, senior assistant on legal working the chief of the department military commissariat Rostov-on-Don area on Proletarian and Pervomayskу district Rostov-on-Don, The article is devoted to the legal analysis of the concept of «сitizen which evades military service on an appeal», and consideration of the necessary conditions for recognition data of citizens offenders. In addition, the article sets out proposals for amendments into the Federal law "On military duty and military service" from 28.03.1998, № 53 in order to eliminate contradictions under bringing the person to responsibility for deliberate evasion from medical examination in direction of the drafting сommission. Key words: military draft, citizen, which evades military service on an appeal, penal responsibility, administrative responsibility, notice paper, medical examination.