1.  Increase retirement pensions disabled due to war injuries and monthly monetary compensation in respect of damage caused to their health, have different legal nature (comments to the Resolution of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation dated May 19, 2014 № 15-P).
V.M. Korjakin, LL.D., Consider additional measures of social support for people  with disabilities due to war injuries, provided Federal law "On military pay and provide them with separate payments" from November 7, 2011 № 306-FZ. Key  words: military trauma, disabled, social support measures.

2. On the question of reimbursement of their travel to and from a business trip when following a business trip for private vehicles (based on jurisprudence).
R.A. Troshchenko, Lecturer, Department of the Air Force branch VUNTS "VVA them N.E. Zhukovsky, and Yu. Gagarin ", lawyer; S.Y. Sandakov, assistant professor of branch VUNTS Force "VVA them N.E. Zhukovsky, and Yu. Gagarin», Considered the compensation of expenses related to travel on business trips by private car. Key words: soldier, travel, personal transportation, compensation.

3. Necessary knowledge about whether the commander of anti-corruption expertise?
S.N. Bordin, PhD; NS Isaev, competitor, The  analysis of one of the modern and highly effective measures aimed at the prevention of corruption in the military organization of the state - corruption expertise. Key words: military organizations, anti-corruption expertise,  organization, conduct.

4. Organization fighting corruption within the military organization.
D.E. Zajkov, head of the legal service of the FAA, "25 Research Institute of the Russian Defense Ministry Chemmotology", PhD, The article describes the subjects of corruption relations - organizations (legal entities) and their employees, they need to fulfill a number of obligations on the prevention and fight against corruption. Key words: military organizations, to corruption, counter-measures.

5. Some problems in attracting soldiers disciplined for corruption offenses.
I.V. Baranenkova, PhD,  Analyzed the formation of controversial judicial practices to resolve disputes between the disciplining of soldiers and military authorities in the application of tools provided by the anti-corruption legislation, in practice for the prevention of corruption. Key words: military, disciplinary responsibility, corruption.

6. On the right of the widow of the deceased disabled due to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant to receive monthly compensation for the purchase of food products (based on jurisprudence).
A.V. Efremov, head of the legal department of the Military Commissariat of the Chuvash Republic, Considered the State's obligation to indemnify the damage caused by the Chernobyl disaster citizens by establishing the law of money and other material compensation and benefits. Key words: Chernobyl NPP, widows and social guarantees.

7. About the Institute grants for the purchase or construction of residential premises servicemen and citizens dismissed from military service.
E.G. Vorobiev, PhD, Associate Professor, Colonel of Justice,  Analysis of the Federal Law "On Amendments to the Federal Law" On the Status of Servicemen "of 28 December 2013 № 405-FZ, which substantially reconstructed order to provide permanent housing in the period of military service, and in connection with her dismissal.  Key words: military,  housing, changes in legislation.

8. On the issue of attracting foreign citizens counterparties government customers to perform work (services) in the territories of military organizations.
E.A. Svininyh, PhD, Associate Professor,  The article explains the  need for greater control over the observance of the legal regime of foreign citizens in the Russian Federation in the execution of public contracts on the execution of works (rendering services) in the territories of military organizations. Key words: military organizations, services, foreign citizens, immigration control.

9. Social guarantees to servicemen, bringing up children without a mother: Realities and Prospects.
V.M. Korjakin, LL.D., Considered  the military aspects of state support for the family, motherhood, fatherhood and childhood based on Part 2 of Art. 38 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, which contains a provision that the care of children and their education - equal right and duty of both parents. Key words: military, constitutional guarantees, parenting.

10. On gender inequality servicemen held due to increasing the age limit for military service.
E.G. Vorobiev, PhD, Associate Professor, Colonel of Justice; I.V. Pechenev, law professor, competitor degree of candidate of juridical sciences, Colonel, The authors analyze the phenomenon - an objective contrast between the social purpose of women and what is behind the realities of war and the dangers of military service. Key words: soldiers -  women, military service, service lives and problems.

11. Legal regulation of the commission commanders of military units notarial acts: problems, judgments and suggestions.
V.V. Kalashnikov, Head of Studies - deputy head of the military department at the Russian Academy of Justice, PhD, Colonel of Justice; V.V. Titov, Legal Counsel of the military unit 35353, Colonel of Justice, The analysis of the powers of commanders of military units as officials of the executive authorities, which are authorized notarial acts involving soldiers and citizens, conscripts (incoming) for military service members, their families. Key words: commanders of military units, notarial acts, order.