1. The new structure of bodies established to ensure the defense of the country and bodies, which provide for military service
V.M. Korjakin, LL.D., In the article the analysis of the current structure of state  bodies performing tasks in the field of defence, as well as bodies, which provide for passage of military service. Analyses changes in this structure with effect from 1 January 2017, the Federal law of 4 June 2014 № 145-FL. Key  words: defense; military service; state bodies authorized in the field of defence.

2. A brief analysis of the current legal regulation of security service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
O. Petrov, PhD, captain 2 rank stock,   Analysis of ensuring safe conditions of military service and  military are injuries that are relevant military and social problems in the  Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at the present stage. Key words: security of military service, legal security, problems.

3. Some forms of corruption in the organization of military service soldiers and labour of civilians in military organizations (according to the materials of the law enforcement practice).
I.A. Baghdasaryan, Head of Cabinet of military law Military University of the Russian Defense Ministry, Оn the  basis of specific examples from the practice of military law enforcement bodies of the analysis of basic forms of corruption in the sphere of military service  and labor civilian personnel of the Armed Forces Key words: corruption;  fighting corruption; military service; abuse of power; bribery; HR work.

4. About some problems of responsibility of military personnel for violations of Federal law dated December 3, 2012, no 230-FZ «On control over compliance costs of persons holding public office, and other persons to their income».
Baranenkova I.V., candidate of legal Sciences, Mironov O.I., researcher of the Center for legal studies,  Тhe article considers some problems of application of norms on the procedure of attraction of the servicemen to disciplinary responsibility for corruption offences, the problems of implementation of cost control. Key words: anti-corruption legislation and prevention of corruption, corruption, involvement of servicemen to disciplinary responsibility, cost control.

5. About some questions connected with the classification of individuals performing tasks in emergency and armed conflict on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan, by categories of combat veterans.
E.N. Trofimov, the lawyer, the lieutenant colonel of justice in a stock, The summary: The article describes some of the problematic issues related to the definition of criteria for classifying categories of citizens to combat veterans in connection with their participation in the tasks on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as the necessity of legislative determination and establish the status of combatants, members of armed conflict, as well as status of persons performing (performing) tasks in the hostilities, armed conflict and emergency. Key words: soldiers, fighting, combat veterans, armed conflict, emergency medical workers, combatants.

6. About subsidy institute for acquisition or premises construction by the military personnel and the citizens discharged from military service.
Vorobyev E.G., the candidate of jurisprudence, the senior lecturer, the colonel of justice,  The legislation on the status of the military personnel
essentially changed an order of housing providing with constant housing. The new legal institute of a housing subsidy was given domination among former housing forms that allows to allocate both legitimate, and illegitimate aspects in a new  order legal regulation of a right to housing of the military personnel and the citizens discharged from military service. Key words: Status of the military personnel. Housing providing military personnel. New forms of housing providing.
Replacement of a procedure for granting of housing. Housing subsidy. Questions of legitimacy of legislative changes.

7. About the resolution of Plenum, competence of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and jurisdiction of civil cases to warships.
A.F. Voronov, professor, honored lawyer of the Russian Federation,  In article jurisdiction of civil cases to warships in the light of provisions of the resolution of Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of May 29, 2014 No. 8 "About practice of application by courts of the legislation on a conscription, military service and the status of the military personnel" is analyzed, and also the question of how jurisdiction is established by the civil is brought up put to warships and what role in it is played by resolutions of Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Key words: civil  process, production on the affairs following from public legal relationship,  specialized jurisdiction of civil cases to warships, the resolution of Plenum of  the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, protection of the rights and freedoms of the military personnel.

8. Uncertainty in cognisance of liability of servicemen eliminated.
P. A. Kot, major of justice, officer of legal service,  In the article  commented the provisions of Decree of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation dated may 29, 2014, № 8, regarding jurisdiction of cases on liability of servicemen and persons discharged from military service. These two cases the jurisdiction of the military courts, regardless of who is called to account - soldier or citizen discharged from military service.  Key words:  material liability of servicemen; jurisdiction; military courts.

9. Powers of officials of the military commissariats in ensuring legality by manufacture on affairs about administrative offences.
Y.A. Sokolov, senior assistant on legal working the chief of the department military commissariat Rostov-on-Don area on Proletarian and Pervomayskу district Rostov-on-Don,   The article outlines the procedure for application delivery and administrative drive by manufacture on affairs about administrative offences in the military commissariats. Also discusses the reasons of occurrence of  administrative responsibility for illegal actions (inaction) that prevent the imposition of lawful and well-founded decision in the case.  Key words:  military сommissariat, responsible administrative liability, delivery,  administrative drive, corpus delicti, obstruction, adduction.

10. About a gender inequality of the military personnel owing to the taken place increase of age limit of stay on military service.
Vorobev E.G., the candidate of jurisprudence, the senior lecturer, the colonel of justice; Pechenev I.V., law professor, candidate scientific degree of candidate of legal sciences, lieutenant colonel, As a result of modification of  the federal legislation on military service former balance of age limit of stay on military service for men and women is broken. Female military personnel is put now in the worst situation in relation to the similar rights of the male military personnel. Causes and effects of violation of equality of the office and status rights of the military personnel on the basis of a floor are analyzed.  Key words: Federal law 64-FZ. Military personnel. Men and women. Age limit. Contract on passing of military service. Dismissal from military  service. Social guarantees serviceman. Legal equality and inequality. Discrimination.

11. Limited to whether the right of access to justice military (former military) and their families on housing issues?
Gluhov EA, Colonel of Justice, PhD, professor of Russian MVD SPVI MVD Russia; Strokov SA, Colonel, Head of the Faculty of command SPVI MVD Russia The article considers the prevailing contradictory jurisprudence of the housing rights of servicemen, ex-military personnel and their families in terms of tribal jurisdiction and the type of ship-production. The author concludes that restricting the right of access to justice of this category of citizens. Key words: soldier rights to housing, complaint or claim tribal jurisdiction, the families of soldiers, stage housing.