1. The powers of the military Prosecutor to control the costs of military personnel and other persons obliged to provide information about costs.
Koryakin, V.M., doctor of legal Sciences, Professor of the Military University, Deputy Director of the Law Institute of Moscow state railway University (MIIT),
Тhe article concerns legal and organizational issues of implementation of the military prosecutors control over the compliance costs of military personnel and Federal government employees to their income.
Key words: corruption; the supervision of the military Prosecutor's office for compliance with anti-corruption laws; the mismatch of costs and revenues; the claim of the Prosecutor in the court.

2. Opportunities and advantages in the realization of the right of citizens of the Russian Federation to education caused by the passage of various types of military service, the role and status of the recommendation of the commander of military unit (ship): a brief analysis of the modern innovations of the legislation.
Petrov O.Y., candidate of legal Sciences,
Тhe article concerns legal and organizational issues of implementation of the constitutional right of Russian citizens to education, and the possibilities and advantages in the realization of this right, due to the passage of various types (at the urging and under contract) military service, for admission to civil and military educational organization that examines the role and status of the recommendation of the commander of the military unit for admission to the preparatory Department of the Federal state educational institutions of higher education for training at the expense of budgetary appropriations of the Federal budget.
Key words: right to education, military service, recommendation of the commander of the military unit, the certification Commission, the Federal state educational institutions, military educational institutions, preparatory Department, professional education programs, Federal state educational standards, admission, professional psychological selection, admissions.

3. Problems of organization of anti-corruption in the Armed Forces.
Zaykov D.E. ,
The article critically examines the state of the organization of anti-corruption in the Armed Forces, suggests possible options to solve the existing problems.
Key words: fighting corruption, professionals, military organizations.

4. Some features of calculation , recalculation and suspension of retirement pensions to persons receiving military ( law enforcement ) service.
Efremov A.V.,
The article examines the problems associated with the calculation, recalculation and the suspension of retirement pensions to persons receiving military (law enforcement service) , resulting in law enforcement.
Key words: seniority , calculus, military , use, post, pensions, military rank , seniority , preferential calculation , allocation , suspension , law enforcement authorities, military service, seniority, pension.

5. On the prioritizing housing allowances of servicemen, citizens discharged from military service, recognize the need to obtain accommodation, and their families.
E.N. Trofimov, lawyer specialized law firm number 65 Sverdlovsk Regional Bar Association, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice in stock,
The article presents the author's position and rationale for the regulatory definition of the order of formation and prioritization of military housing allowance, as well as taking into account the form of a sequence of subsidies, providing an extraordinary procedure for the provision of housing subsidies for separate categories of servicemen.
Key words: military personnel, the right to a dwelling place, housing subsidies, an extraordinary procedure.

6. On some issues related to the calculation procedure edinovre-variable cash payment for the acquisition or construction of premises for military.
Ivkin S. А. The senior officer group statistical reports and methodical work of the department of legal management of the North Caucasian regional command of internal troops of Russia, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice
Key words: soldiers, accommodations, subsidy payments.
Article affects the actual problems associated with the practice of judicial procedure for calculating lump-term monetary payments for the purchase or construction of residential premises for military.

7. Analysis of the forming characteristics of the object and objective side of war crimes in international criminal law.
Belyy I.Yu.,
In the article from the perspective of the Rome Statute deals with the analysis of the forming characteristics of the object and the subject of war crimes in international criminal law
Key words: the Roman statute, the International criminal court, war crimes, international criminal law.

8. Object of a crime against military service.
Sudenko V. E., associate professor of Law Institute of MSURE (MIIT) Candidate of Juridical Sciences, docent,
The questions dealing with determining a concept and a content of an object of a crime, which is one of elements of an offence, have been considered in the paper. The article describes why the traditional concept of an object of a crime as public relations is hardly acceptable. The author suggests his own concept of the definition of an object of a crime.
Key words: crime and its content; an object of a crime; public (social) relations; interests and benefits protected by the criminal law.

9. Actual issues of self-defense and emergency conditions in military service.
Anan'in A.V., Stepanenko N.E.,
The article discusses the problems and contradictions of legislation regulating the use of weapons by military and criminal law provisions on self-defense and emergency. The authors suggest ways of improving legislation in this area.
Key words: self-defense, extreme necessity, the military, the use of weapons, military and criminal law.

10. Legal aspects of prevention of conflict of interest in the state defense and security procurement.
Svininyh E.A., candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the department of civil law,
In the article conflict-of-interest rules in the sphere state defense and security procurement are discussed. It is concluded that the legal definition of conflict of interest in the Federal act "On the contract system in the procurement of goods, works, services for state and municipal needs" is too narrow.
Key words: conflict of interest; corruption; government procurement; defense procurement and acquisition; defense contract; sensitive contract.

11. Terms of the contract for performance of contractual work.
A.V. Kirillov, PhD,
The conditions of the contract (construction contract) for law enforcement officials who are directly or indirectly mentioned in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
Key words: military organization, contracting, contract conditions.

12. Declarative order in recalculations of military pensions: the judicial detective about legal consequences of illegitimacy of the come true justice.
Vorobev E.G., the candidate of jurisprudence, the senior lecturer,
The existing military and pension legislation differentiates legal institutes of revision and recalculation of pensions which often unreasonably mix up. On the example of one pension dispute are shown arisen thereof problems, the idea of creation of the mechanism of recovery of legitimate rights in cases of their obvious violation even if such violations weren't revealed by judicial control is offered.
Key words: Military pensions. Application of coefficient to the sizes of pensions. Revision of pensions. Recalculation of pensions. Protection of the pension rights.

13. To the question about the subject of the Prosecutorʼs supervision of legality of activity of the military police.
Vinokourov A., Doctor of Law, Professor, Chief Researcher of the Institute of the Academy of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation,
In article on the basis of the analysis of the current legislation of the authorʼs position about the subject of the Prosecutorʼs supervision of legality of activity of the military police. It is proposed to amend the Federal Law «On the procuracy of the Russian Federation»
Key words: military police, law supervision, the Prosecutor, military Prosecutorʼs office.

14. Once again about the nature of the legal liability of military about in the Russian Federation.
K.E. Kydyraliev, Captain of Justice, an officer of the Armed Forces of the Kyrgyz Republic, an associate FGKOU VPO "Military University of Defense of the Russian Federation»,
The article analyzes the theoretical and practical problems of determining the legal nature of the cases of liability of servicemen, the ways of development of the legislation.
Key words: material liability; administrative process; the actual damage; law; code.

15. Service information of restricted access and the organization of its defense in the organs and institutions of the Russian Federation Prosecutor's Office.
Kharitonov, SS, PhD, professor; Taranenko VV, PhD, Associate Professor
We consider some of the problematic issues related to the discharge of official information of limited access to the bodies and organizations of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, as well as organizing the protection of proprietary information of limited access.
Key words: service information; Military Prosecutor's Office.