1. Prosecutorial supervision over the procedural activity of the bodies of inquiry of the Armed Forces.
Koryakin V.M., Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, Military University, Deputy Director for Science of Law Institute of Engineering,
Тhe article deals with the problem of supervision of the military Prosecutor's office over the legality of the procedural activity of the bodies of inquiry of the Armed Forces. Comment on the main provisions of Statement of procedural activities of investigative bodies of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, other troops, military formations and bodies.
Key words: public Prosecutor's supervision; the military Prosecutor's office; the investigative authorities of the Armed Forces; remedial activities; the legality.

2. Plenkin NA, On the participation of collegiate bodies in the consideration of cases of corruption offenses committed by military personnel.
NA Plenkin, lawyer, applicant for the degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences,
Тhe article deals with the activities of certifying commissions and commissions for the settlement of conflict of interests. Assess the role of these collegial bodies in combating corruption
Key words: certification Commission; Commission for resolving conflicts of interest; anti-corruption; corruption.

3. Аssets and liabilities of material nature and compliance military requirements to office behavior.
Tsvetkov A.S., lawyer,
Еxamines the legal and organizational basis, as well as the organization and tactics of individual measures validation and completeness of information about income, expenses, assets and liabilities of material nature and compliance military requirements to office behavior.
Key words: military, anti-corruption legislation, prevention of corruption.

4. Legal aspects of military personnel the right to education.
Savin I.G., professor of humanities and natural sciences RVVDKU (VI), PhD, Associate Professor,
In article it is considered to feature of realisation by the military men of right to formation regarding, concerning receipt and training in educational organisations realising education programs of higher education. Standard legal acts regulating legal relations in the domain of formation are analysed and features of training of military men in military high schools revealed and receipts of them to civil high schools, status of cadets of military high schools is considered.
Key words: Education, right to education, realization of the right to education, military training in high schools, students, cadets, audience, status of cadets.

5. Monetization of housing for military personnel and indexing their allowances.
Vorobyev E.G., the candidate of jurisprudence, the senior lecturer,
Persistent withdrawal of the state from natural housing for military personnel in favor of giving them cash payments for the separate acquisition of permanent housing exacerbates the issue of adequate funding allowances, as the main and only source of funds additions to the ever modest government subsidies. In these conditions significantly increases the role of the legal Institute of the indexation of military personnel, designed to neutralize the effects of permanent inflation. This Institute is fairly new, now it works properly, very simplified and inadequate economic realities, and therefore requires its legal development.
Servicemen. Housing provision. Money allowances. Indexation of salaries.

6. The problems of qualification of failure to provide military credentials in the conditions of the competition rules of articles and 19.7 21.1, 21.3-21.4 of the Russian Federation Code of administrative offences.
Sokolov Y.A., senior assistant on legal working the chief of the department military commissariat Rostov-on-Don area on Proletarian and Pervomayskу district Rostov-on-Don, 89094322465,
The author considers the problem of competition rules of articles 19.7 21.1, 21.3-21.4 of the Russian Federation Code of administrative offences. Describes the composition of the article 19.7 and distinction with the corpus delicti of Chapter 21 of the Code for proper qualification of non-submission of the officials of the organizations military credentials in military commissariats.
Key words: military сommissariat, responsible administrative liability, corpus delicti, failure to provide information, competition rules, qualification of the offense.

7. Outsourcing and some of the issues of its regulation in the new Manual for wojskowa economy.
Sorokin A. C. senior legal Advisor units 58861, Lieutenant Colonel of justice; Koryakin V.M., doctor of legal Sciences, Professor of the Military University,
This article discusses the reform activities of logistics of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Analyzed problems in the work of the Commission, created after the receipt by the unit commander (connection) copies of the contract for outsourcing. The conclusion about necessity of development of normative legal act defining the tasks and powers of this Committee.
Key words: autsorsing, military organization, state contract, commission, specialized third-party organization.

8. Comparative legal analysis of the defence and security procurement procedures.
Svininyh E.A., candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the department of civil law,
In article the comparative analysis of provisions of the Russian legislation on government procurement and Directive 2009/81/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council "On the coordination of procedures for the award of certain works contracts, supply contracts and service contracts by contracting authorities or entities in the fields of defence and security" is carried out. On its basis the author came to a conclusion about need of fixing in the Russian legislation the special rules of carrying out defence and security procurement procedures. It would allow to focus greater attention on the interests of the Russian Federation in the fields of defence and safety.
Key words: government procurement; defense and security procurement; procurement procedure; defense contract; sensitive contract.

9. Resolution of the military prosecutor as an excuse to criminal charges.
Subanova N., Doctor of Law, Senior Counsellor of Justice, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of the Academy of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation,
The fight against crime in the army - it's day to day operation of military prosecutors. Currently, the prosecutor about the direction of the relevant materials to the body of the preliminary investigation to decide on the prosecution of an independent cause for criminal prosecution. The lack of a clear distinction implemented prosecutor prosecutions with a view to exposing and supervisory functions (in a close relationship of these forms of prosecutorial activities) can be considered an action taken by them in the decision as an act of having complex. The article was prepared with the information support of the ATP "Consultant".
Key words: criminal proceedings, prosecution, judgment, the military prosecutor, a military organization, supervision process.

10. Rules of tobacco smoking in places of residence, temporary residence and location military personnel.
Vorobyev E.G., the candidate of jurisprudence, the senior lecturer, the colonel of justice,
Based on the law combating tobacco consumption soldiers at their place of residence, residence and finding fits into the legal system of measures to strengthen the military law and order, improve the quality and effectiveness of military service, the protection of life and health of citizens in uniform. At the same time, some of the anti-Smoking rules too strict, not taking into account many military and legal realities, and therefore require additional legal correction.
Key words: The law against Smoking. Rights and duties of military personnel.Rules area.Bans on Smoking.Liability of military personnel.Approval of prohibitions and restrictions with the realities of military service.

11. Bureaucracy in military management and some offers on the prevention of its negative influence.
Glukhov E.A., teacher of the St. Petersburg military of institute of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, lieutenant colonel of justice, candidate of jurisprudence,
In article specifics of manifestation of bureaucratic processes in the military organizations, the reasons and conditions promoting bureaucracy growth are considered. The author gives examples of negative consequences of bureaucracy in system of military service. On the basis of world experience and the general theory of management, for counteraction to bureaucracy the conclusion is drawn on need of creation of system of feedback between command and the operated military collectives, including by creation of various public organizations.
Key words: bureaucracy, corporate ethics, social control, violation of the rights of the military personnel, military management, labor unions, group interests, official.

12. Participation of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in combating terrorism.

Kozlov V.V., candidate of legal Sciences, senior lecturer of the Military University,
Abstract: the article analyzes the norms of legislation of the Russian Federation, regulating the participation of the Armed Forces The Russian Federation in combating terrorism, the procedure for making decisions about the use of Armed Forces for this task.
Keywords: terrorism; counter-terrorism; Armed forces of the Russian Federation; the national anti-terrorism Komi.

13. Activities of the military prosecutor's office on legal education.
Vaskina I.A., Scientific Research Institute of the Academy of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation,
This article discusses the participation of the military Prosecutor's office in the legal education of servicemen in line with the implementation of the state policy of Russia in the sphere of development of legal literacy and legal awareness of citizens. Showing a special role of the military Prosecutor's office in the subjects of legal relations in the sphere of legal education, the author has established a direct relationship to the state law and order, the effectiveness of public prosecutions on the quality of legal education.
Key words: his article discusses the participation of the military Prosecutor's office in legal education, prevention, legal consciousness, the military Prosecutor's office, legality, law and order.