1. What happens to money allowances of servicemen?
Koryakin V.M., Doctor of Law, Professor of the University of Vienna, deputy director of the Law Institute of Moscow State University of Railway Engineering,
Тhe article is devoted to the problems of indexation of money allowances of servicemen, the analysis of the social consequences of the suspension of legislative rules on the indexation of money allowances for servicemen.
Key words: monetary allowances, indexation of salaries, inflation.

2. The legal institute of conflict of interest: the specifics of the application to employees of military organizations.
Zaykov DE, PhD,
Abstract: In this article the author examines the current state of the legal regulation of the institute of conflict of interest in relation to employees of military organizations, analyzed the existing problems and suggests possible solutions.
Key words: conflicts of interest; anti-corruption; workers; military organizations.

3. Again to the issue of early dismissal of military personnel in connection with the failure to meet the terms of the contract (in the light of the judgment of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation of March 21, 2013 № 6-П and folding law enforcement practice).
Troshchenko R.A., Lawyer,
The publication examines the controversial issues associated with the early dismissal of military personnel in connection with the failure to meet the terms of the contract
Key words: the terms and conditions of the contract, the early dismissal of military personnel, dismissal in the application of disciplinary sanctions, dismissal in the certification procedure.

4. Topical issues of calculating seniority for material incentives of the civil personnel of military units (military organizations) of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
T. V. Lomakina, associate Professor of labour law, civil and arbitration process of the Military University, PhD in law,
Тhe article deals with the calculation of length of service in military units for the purpose of receiving incentive payments for years of service.
Key words: civilian personnel of the armed forces, incentive payments, insurance experience, years of service.

5. Comments on the novels of housing for military personnel.
Gaydin D.Y., Counsel divisions of the federal executive authorities of the Russian Federation,
Тhe article commented on the latest changes in the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from June 29, 2011 No. 512.
Key words: acceptance on the account needing premises, place of passage of military service, accounting rate of area of the premises.

6. The necessity and problems in the organization of interdepartmental cooperation in the field of housing for military personnel.
E.A. Glukhov, Senior Lecturer SPVI MVD of Russia, PhD, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice; А. Shnyrov, post graduate SPVI MVD of Russia, the captain of justice,
The article analyzes the current military organization practice requirements of a serviceman to provide various kinds of certificates, including paid ones, in the realization of the right to housing. The author describes the actual process of obtaining documents from institutions of the Federal Registration Service of Russia in housing of the Internal Troops of the Russian Interior Ministry Forces.
Key words: byurrokratiya, housing Commision, government services, the reguirement to provide paid documents, The Federal Registration Service of Russia, powers of commanders.

7. About the new legislation allowing to dismiss the military personnel without premises.
Fedorovich A.V., assistant deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation,
The article deals with the changes in the legislation relating possibilities of dismissal of the military personnel which general duration of military service makes 10 years and more, being accounted as needing premises, without their consent, on reaching them the age limit of the stay on military service, in connection with a state of health or in connection with organizational and regular actions without granting premises to them.
Key words: military service, dismissal of the military personnel, the account as needing premises, without granting premises.

8. Interpreter’s involvement in production of cases on administrative offences, adjudging by executive officers of border guard federal service of security authorities.
Svininikh O.Y., candidate of legal sciences,A Solicitor of law department of Russian Law Studies «Aequitas» Centre,
The article is devoted to researching legislation in regard to working an interpreter in production of cases on administrative offences, adjudging by border guard authorities. The author expanding executive officers’ set of measures to involve an interpreter in legal proceedings. Additionally, the emphasis is on the procedure, necessary for determination foreigners’ level of knowledge language trial.
Key words: border guard authorities, border guard executive officer, production of cases on administrative offenses, draw an interpreter in legal proceedings, foreigner.

9. Mandatory conditions» contract for performance of contractual work.
Kirillov P.V., candidate of legal Sciences,
The article, based on practical experience and jurisprudence reveals the contents of the contract, which are included in it by virtue of the direct instructions of the law.
Key words: a contract for the performance of contract work; significant conditions; mandatory conditions.

10. On the issue of deferment from military service in connection with obtaining a national secondary vocational education.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia,
The article reveals the peculiarities of the legal deferments from military service to citizens studying in full-time education in educational institutions of secondary vocational education, which cause difficulties in law enforcement.
Key words: citizen deferment, military service, educational organization, secondary education, academic leave, health status, family circumstances, vacations, training program.

11. On the issue of criminal responsibility of minors servicemen.
Yermolovich Y.N., candidate of legal Sciences,
The article identifies particular differentiation criminal responsibility of minors soldiers. Author on the basis of analysis of the current legislation and practice identifies problems and controversies of criminal law governing the criminal liability of minors servicemen-containing, and offers solutions.
Key words: criminal responsibility, the military, the differentiation of criminal responsibility, military criminal law.

12. Features of the enforcement of criminal sentences connected with isolation from society against military personnel.
Dubrovsky S.F., Assistant Military Prosecutor Vlasihinskogo garrison
Lieutenant Justice,
The article deals with the enforcement of punishment against military personnel such as arrest, detention in a disciplinary military unit and deprivation of liberty for a specified period; analyses the current criminal law, taking into account the specific nature of military serving their sentence connected with isolation from society.
Key words: the enforcement of punishment, military personnel, isolation from society, arrest, disciplinary military unit, deprivation of liberty.

13. Problem questions of criminal liability for the crimes provided by article 333 of the criminal code of Russian Federation.
A.I. Padbyarozkin, a military lawyer; N.E. Stepanenko, PhD, senior lecturer in criminal law the Military University,
In the article the authors' position concerning the object and the subject of the crimes provided by article 333 of the criminal code of Russian Federation is stated. Also the authors offer to specify the existing edition of part 1 of the article 333 of the criminal code of Russian Federation and to add to article 331 of the criminal code of Russian Federation part 4, providing criminal liability for crimes against the military service of persons who were wrongfully assigned with obligations of the military service.
Key words: subordination order, resistance to the chief, compulsion of the chief, other person, execution of official duties.

14. Criminal liability of military personnel for violation of an order of savings of military property: topical issues of theory and practice.
Bazhenov A.V., Associate Chair of Criminal Law of the Military University, the Captain of Justice,
In the order of savings of weapons, ammunition and items of military equipment as a system of special rules. Indicates the difference between criminal liability for violation of an order of savings of weapons, ammunition and military equipment from criminal liability for violation of the order savings other military property. Reflected topical issues of the theory of practice on the research topic.
Key words: savings, weapons, ammunition, items of military equipment, military equipment, criminal liability.

15. About collective forms of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the military personnel.
Vorobev E.G., the candidate of jurisprudence, the senior lecturer,
Statutory collective forms of protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens may be used by military personnel with substantial exceptions and limitations arising from their special legal status. This means that the legal protection of the common (collective) interests of the socio-professional strata of society must be implemented by legal and political means, without the active involvement in this process themselves recipients interested in the application of human rights measures. This task involves installation of additional adaptation of existing human rights institutions as well as the creation of new, specially designed for the above purpose.
Key words: Protecting the rights of military personnel. Collective forms of protection. Limitation of human rights of military capabilities. Restores human rights means to protect the rights and interests of servicemen.

16. Features of prosecutorial supervision over the implementation of the legislation on the taxation of military law.
Chuklinov K.A., Postgraduate student of the department of public prosecutions and the participation of the Prosecutor in criminal, civil and arbitration cases, St. Petersburg Institute of Law (branch), Academy of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation.
In this article, based on the analysis of the general characteristics of the situation in the field of taxation the features of the military prosecutor's supervision over implementation of laws in this area. The main tax benefits for military personnel. Substantiates the specific role of prosecutors in ensuring the rule of law in the field of taxation troops.
Key words: public Prosecutor's supervision, legality, tax legislation, taxation, military personnel.