1. Needless collection provided Property tax deduction: Law Enforcement.
Churyaev А.V.,  the аcademy of Russian Federal Security Service, Candidate of Legal Sciences,
The article deals with the practice of the tax authorities, prosecutors and the courts to recover from the soldiers unnecessarily property tax deduction granted to them in connection with the acquisition of premises for storage-mortgage system of housing for military personnel. Key words: soldier, accumulative mortgage system housing, the tax on personal income, property tax deduction.

2. Do the right soldiers for a tax deduction on military mortgage?
Manannikov D.Y., сandidate of Legal Sciences.,
The article considers the questions of the soldier - the accumulative mortgage system participant housing property tax deduction on the acquisition of the dwelling, including upon the occurrence of the grounds referred to in Art. 10 of the Federal Law "On savings and mortgage system of housing for military personnel". Key words: tax deduction, military mortgage, military, housing.

3. To the question of functions of subjects of Russian Federation in spheres of security and defense of country.
Verbitskaya T.V., professor of the faculty of constitutional law of Ural state law academy,

De facto subjects of Russian Federation are active participants of achieving as security, as civil defense. The author considers powers of subjects in mentioned spheres, either in Russian Federation, either in foreign countries. Key words: competence of subjects, security, defense.

4. Features enable the military personnel in the register of participants of the accumulative-mortgage system of housing for servicemen: problems and ways of legal regulation.
Nazarov I. S.,Sensin V. M.,

Abstract: a savings and mortgage system of housing for military personnel, as one of the forms of providing servicemen with housing is essential for many military personnel applying for housing. The majority of participants in the cumulative mortgage system without any difficulty pass all the stages of obtaining eventually of land. However, a number of soldiers for various reasons have difficulties at different periods of exercising their right. The article presents an analysis of issues regarding the inclusion of serviceman in the register of members of accumulative and mortgage system of housing provision. Key words: military personnel, the register of members of accumulative and mortgage system, the participants in the cumulative ipotecinii system.

5.   Problems of legal regulation of work on the judicial protection of military organizations.

Zaykov D.E.,

In the article the author critically examines the legal regulation of work on judicial protection organizations subordinated to the Ministry of Defense, and makes suggestions for improvement. Key words: judicial protection, a military organization, a representative of the court

6.  Dismissal in connection with loss of trust of persons of the civil personnel of Armed Forces: issues.
Korjakin V. M., doctor of legal Sciences, associate Professor, Professor of the Department  of military administration, administrative and financial law of the Military University, Filippova M. Yu., candidate of legal Sciences, Deputy Director on uchebno-methodical work of the Law Institute of FSBEI "Moscow state transport University of Emperor Nicholas II".
Тhe article examines the theoretical and practical problems of the Institute of termination of the employment contract of persons of the civil personnel of the Armed Forces in connection with loss of trust to the employee. The analysis of the innovation employment and military law on this issue, and to elaborate some proposals on improving the legal regulation of dismissal in connection with loss of trust. Key words: termination of employment; anti-corruption; loss of confidence.

7.  The imperfection of a unilateral refusal of the government contract.

Zhabrovskiy R.A.,
The article is devoted to some negative aspects of a unilateral refusal of the government contract. Key words: government contract, unilateral refusal of  the contract, public procurement.

 8. The Peter principle or the shortcomings of the existing system promotion in the military organization.

 Gluhov E. A.,

The author analyzed and applied to the military organization of the Russian state, the theory (principle) of Peter about career development, citing the future loss of competence of an employee. On the basis of the analysis and the boundary of experience, the author comes to the conclusion about necessity of additional training of officers before appointment to senior military positions with the change of the areas of activity or specialty, and also the necessity of considering the personal psychological characteristics of applicants. Key words: Peter Principle, the competence of the employee, career growth, loyalty to superiors, an additional training before the appointment, leadership, military service.

9. To a question about prosecutorial tactics in the activities of the military Prosecutor.

Mahyanova R.M.,
The article describes the tactic issues of application of tactics inat the different stages of prosecutor’s the supervisory activities. Different points of view are being compared with the subject of research at the existing scientific publications under the investigated issues. The author suggested obligatory studying of prosecutorial tactics for the future prosecutors at educational institutions and at the prosecutor’s training system. Key words: public prosecutor's supervision, prosecutorial tactics, prosecutorial activities.