1. Priorities standard-setting activities in the field of defence and military security.
Rybakova M.A., Legal Department Advisor, Russian Ministry of national defense,
In this article the author considers the concept “law-making work”, the main directions of the law-making work. Also, the author analyzes the fundamental factors in the sphere of defense and its regulations. The main factors are:consistency and efficiency. These factors provide reliable and effective national defense.
Key words: law-making work, regulations, national defense.

2.  Leaders of military organizations as participants anti-corruption relations.
Zaykov DE, PhD,
The article deals with the specifics of the legal status of the military leaders of organizations as subjects of anti-corruption relations and examines the state of the legal regulation of the participation of these entities in the relationship of anti-corruption.
Key words: leader, military organization fighting corruption.

3. Some features of conducting administrative investigations in cases the study on the fact of causing material damage to the military personnel the military unit.
Kirichenko N.S., the captain of justice, a senior officer of the Department of judicial protection and contractual and claims work the Department of legal work of the office of the North Caucasian regional command of internal troops of the MIA of Russia,
The article discusses some features of carrying out of administrative investigation on the fact of causing material damage warrior-tion part, which can improve the quality of the event.
Key words: material responsibility of military personnel, material damage, part of the military administrative investigation.

4. On the constituent documents of military organizations - legal entities.
Kudashkin A.V., Doctor of Law, Professor, Professor of Military University,
The changes in military law, which the Federal law "On Defense" is aligned with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation in the constituent documents of the military organizations are legal entities.
Key words: military organization, a legal entity, the constituent documents.

5. The new order of assignment of the next military rank: on certain legal peculiarities.
Zorin O.L., PhD of Law, lieutenant- colonel, docent, MESC AF «N.E. Zhukovsky and Y.A. Gagarin Air Force Academy» (Voronezh),; Bakovich M.N., PhD of Law, docent, MESC AF «N.E. Zhukovsky and Y.A. Gagarin Air Force Academy» (Voronezh); Belyaev R.V, lieutenant- colonel, ESC AF «N.E. Zhukovsky and Y.A. Gagarin Air Force Academy» (Voronezh).
In article short stories in the military legislation in the sphere of assignment of the next military rank by the serviceman are considered
Key words: military rank, disciplinary punishment.

6. Pension for long service payment to citizens earning (money allowance), lost in connection with the termination of military service.
Efremov A.V., head of the legal branch of the military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia,
The article discusses and clarifies the definition of "service pension" person receiving military (law enforcement service), and the topical legal issues that arise in practice are associated with this concept, as well as the recalculation of military pensions for length of service, resulting in legal practice.
Key words: seniority, calculus, soldier, compensation, pensions, military rank, seniority, status, allocation, allowance, earnings, law enforcement service, military service, seniority, pension.

7. The right to reception of housing chosen after the dismissal of the community: the issues of improvement of legal work in the area of military housing relations.
Ovcharov O.A., сandidate of Law, chair of the military administration, the administrative and financial rights of the Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation,
The article briefly describes and analyses selected issues of improvement of legal work in the area of military housing in obtaining housing chosen after dismissal from military service the place of residence.
Key words: legal work, the right to housing, legal means of corruption factors.

8. Current issues of bankruptcy of former participants of the accumulative-mortgage system of housing for servicemen.
Shenshin Viktor Mikhailovich, the instructor of the Constitutional and Administrative Law Department of St–Petersburg Military Institute of the Internal Troops of the Interior of Ruissia, colonel of justice,
Retribution, as an indication of a target housing loan involves the return of funds in the event of termination of participant savings and mortgage system not on the grounds specified in PP. 1-2 article 10 of the Federal law "About accumulative and mortgage system of housing for military personnel".
Key words: bankruptcy of citizens; persons retired from military service; a savings and mortgage system; the effects of recognition of a citizen bankrupt.

9. Features of activity of bodies of inquiry and investigators in the military units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.
I.G. Savin, professor of humanities and natural sciences RVVDKU (VI), PhD, Associate Professor,
The article considers the form of the preliminary investigation, carried out a comparative analysis, as well as a comparative analysis of authority and qualification requirements for inspectors and investigators. On the basis of the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure and the analysis of the distinctive features of the procedural activities of the bodies of inquiry and interrogators of the Russian Armed Forces
Key words: Preliminary investigation, inquiry, investigators, military investigators, inquest bodies carrying out procedural activities in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

10. To a question on the subject of the crime under Article 352 of the Criminal Code.
Shishov S.S., аn investigator for particularly important cases of the Military Investigation SK Russia in the Northern Fleet,
The article analyzes the subject of violations of the rules of navigation, under Article 352 of the Criminal Code. The scientific revolution introduced the term "highly specialized" subject. In the examples from practice justified the position that only one person the actual inclusion in the considered relations preclude it from among the subjects of the crime under Art. 352 of the Criminal Code. We discuss the questions of differentiation of criminal responsibility soldiers who committed the crime together.
Key words: subject of violations of the rules on driving or operation of warships; "Highly specialized" subject, the need for legal involvement of the subject under consideration in relations.

11. The threat of a terrorist act: features qualifications and design of structure of a crime (the issue of fixation of norms in a separate article of the Criminal Code).
TuganovYu.N., honoured lawyer of the Russian Federation, doctor of legal Sciences, associate Professor, academician RANS,; Aulov V.K., candidate of legal Sciences, associate Professor of the chair of the Baikal state University of Economics and law
Тhe article considers the problems of realization of criminal liability for threatening to commit a terrorist act and consider this factor in the case of the military organization of the state. Justified variants of qualification of actions of persons under the threat of a terrorist act, delimiting it from related offences.
Key words: the threat of a terrorist act, terrorist groups, terrorist organization, aiding, abetting.

12. About the place of military courts in the judicial system of the Russian Federation.
Sazonov V. A., applicant Department of criminal procedure Military University, major,
Role of martial courts became higher in court system of Russian Federation, after 2014 Justice reform, became necessary reconsider their place and made particular martial court system.
Key words: court system, martials court, specialized courts, criminal process.

13. Administrative and jurisdictional activity of the national guard: analysis of regulations.
Tuganov Yu.N., honoured lawyer of the Russian Federation, doctor of legal Sciences, Professor, academician RANS,
In the article the authors analyze the presidential Decree on the national guard of the Russian Federation and its objectives. Examines the role and place of the national guard in the structure of the military organization of the state. Analyzes the objectives, powers and functions of the national guard.
Key words: military organization of the state, the national guard, the military.

14. Public authorities exercising control in the area of public procurement, as an object of public prosecutor's supervision.
Zhuravleva Anna Sergeevna, junior researcher of the Department of the Research Institute of the Academy of Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russian Federation), competitor of a scientific degree of candidate of legal sciences,
The article deals with questions of prosecutor's supervision over the implementation of legislation on the contract system in the procurement of goods, works and services for public use. Analyzes the concept of the object, the basic objects of prosecutorial supervision in this area.
Key words: public prosecutor's supervision, the contract system in the procurement, maintenance of public use, the prosecuting authorities.

15. Some aspects of legal work in the organization of counseling in military units.
Kharitonov S.S., PhD, Professor,
This article discusses some of the issues of legal work in the organization of counseling in military units
Key words: legal work, legal advice.