1. The role of neuro-psychological assessment of the stability of the military during the military-medical examination.
Sogiyainen A.A. – MD, PhD,;  Nakhabina M.N. This article analyzes the changes that makes the decision of the Russian Federation from July 19, 2016 №698 to the Regulations on military-medical examination. We consider the modern-WIDE aspects of professional psychological selection and com-plex measures to identify individuals with behavioral problems, neuro-psychological instability. A brief list of the used assessment of neuro-psychological instability of military techniques. Key words: military medical examination, deviant behavior, neuro-psychological instability, professional psychological selection.

2. Once more to the question about the financial responsibility of military personnel transferred to a new place of military service.
Zhabrovskiy R.A., legal adviser of the military unit, captain,   The article contains some suggestions for changes in the legislation regulating the procedure of bringing to liability of a soldier transferred to a new place of military service at the time of detection of damage in a military unit. Key words: a soldier, liability transferred to a new place of military service, amendments to the law «On liability of servicemen», the damage.

3. The Russian legal system is not settled the question of ensuring legal certainty in the interpretation of social rights of the supreme courts.
Efremov  A.V., head of the legal branch of the   military commissariat of the Republic of Chuvashia,   The article describes the legal features of the current legislation in the field of social rights of citizens, retired servicemen and widows of military personnel, which arise in law enforcement practice in the interpretation of these rights by higher courts. Key words: length of service , military service, pension, pensioner, payment, suspension, the experience , the widow , the marriage , the duties , military injury, law enforcement authorities, military rank , special rank , status.

4. Limitations in the employment of ex-servicemen issues.
Filippova M. Yu., candidate of legal Sciences, Deputy Director on uchebno-methodical work of the Law Institute of FSBEI "Moscow state transport University of Emperor Nicholas II"   Тhe article analyzes the norms of labour and anti-corruption legislation containing restrictions on the employment of former government employees, including soldiers, to work in your organization in respect of which they carried out separate functions of the government.  Key words: limitation of employment of public servants; the Commission on observance of requirements to office behavior of civil servants; contract of employment; anti-corruption.

5. On providing military residential quarters, Russian citizens, passing military service under the contract in the Republic of Crimea.
Gaydin, D.J.,   Key words: housing for servicemen, Republic of Crimea, neediness in housing. Тhe article presents brief scientific and practical commentary to the regulatory legal act of the Russian President.

6. Extraordinary and priority to the provision of housing to servicemen: issues of improving the legal work in the field of military-housing relations in view of the spiritual factor.
Ovcharov O.A., сandidate of Law, chair of the military administration, the administrative and financial rights of the Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation,  The article briefly reviewed and analyzed the problem of an extraordinary and priority of housing for servicemen and improvement of the legislation, legal work, sense of justice in view the spiritual factors. Key words: legal work, the right to housing, corruption, spirituality.

7. Legal definition of the concept of  "military property" in relation to the peculiarities of criminal liability for the violation of the military order of his savings.
Bazhenov A. V., Associate chair of Criminal law Military University of the defense Ministry,   The article analyzes the normative legal acts regulating the concept of "military equipment" and the peculiarities of its legal status.  Key words: military equipment, savings, weapons, ammunition, items of military equipment, criminal liability.

8. Dynamics convictions of servicemen of the Armed Forces from 2000 to 2015.
Eermolovich Y.N., The PhD in Law, doctoral candidate in criminal law of the Military University,  In this article identified the negative and positive trends in the development of crime and criminal records of servicemen of the Armed Forces, the prevalence and dynamics of different types of crimes committed by servicemen of the Armed Forces, conclusions about the causes of some of the identified trends in crime and criminal records of servicemen of the Armed Forces. Key words: criminal liability, servicemen, military criminal legislation, military criminal law.

9. On some issues statement on military account of certain categories of citizens residing in the territory of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol.
Manannikov D.Y., сandidate of Legal Sciences.  The article considers the topical issues statement on military accounting of persons residing in the territory of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol, which have acquired Russian citizenship, but had not been fired from the established order of military service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.  Key words: military accounting, military rank, servicemen, military legislation; Crimea.

10. It is about guarantees as one of the elements of the legal status of reservists.
Orlovskaya A.I., the center for the study of problems  of Russian law «Equitas», a lawer,  The article is devoted to guarantees as one of the elements of the legal status of reservist.  Key words: legal status, the elements of the status, guarantees, status, reservist, mobilizable human reserve.

11. Alternative civil service - the right, which people have to defend.
Y.O. Sokolov, senior assistant on legal working of the chief of the division of the military department in Rostov region in Proletarian and Pervomayskу districts of Rostov-on-Don,  The article analyzes the draft boards violations of the law and the rights of citizens when considering applications for replacement of military service with alternative civil service. These violations include making decisions about refusal to replace a kind of state service without taking into account presented by the citizens information confirming the existence of their beliefs and religion, which is contrary to military service, as well as the presentation of inflated requirements to the citizens for justification of their position.  Key words: alternative civil service, beliefs, creed, draft board, violation of the procedure of  taking decision.

12.  Limiting wages as a violation of labor rights of employees of military organizations.
D.E. Zaykov, PhD,   The article with a critical point of view, considered the Russian Minister of Defence judgment of 18 January 2016 on the restriction of the size of salaries of employees of military organizations, given its legal assessment of the legality and validity.   Key words: workers, military organization, incentive payments, wages.

13.  Modern international rules on assistance and rescue at sea, the duties of a military ship (ship) for the rescue and the right to remuneration.
Petrov O.Y., candidate of legal Sciences,  Тhe article considers legal and organizational aspects of modern international and domestic rules on assistance and salvage at sea. Examines the reasons the affected actualizes the problem: contemporary global processes, the fight against international terrorism, often in the nature of military operations, the fight against piracy, including with the use of the naval forces of States in various regions of the World ocean, the problem of refugees from the Middle East. The tendency of increasing the intensity of the naval forces of the States that triggers the need for an international legal and domestic regulation of the protection of the person in carrying out various activities at sea.  Key words: constitutional guarantees of rights, international law acts, international Maritime law, international conventions, the duties of a warship to rescue, international terrorism, international legal training, rules of search and rescue at sea, rescue operation, international Convention on salvage, remuneration for salvage, salvage agreement, arbitration, Maritime arbitration Commission, the duties of a commander for the rescue, rescue work, reporting documents for the rescue.

14. Observance of a mode of protection of state secrets (secrecy) as a matter of General supervision of the military prosecution bodies.
Korjakin V. M., doctor of legal Sciences, associate Professor, Professor of the Department  of military administration, administrative and financial law of the Military University,   In article are considered questions of oversight activities of the military prosecution bodies in the sphere of observance of the legislation on state secret protection bodies of military administration and military officials. The content of the object of Prosecutor supervision over observance of the regime of protection of state secrets, the basic directions of supervision over implementation of legislation on state secrets. Key words: state secret; secrecy; public Prosecutor's supervision; Supervisory activities of the Prosecutor's.

15. Subjective scope of the legal ban on the admission of the goods, occurring from the foreign states, works (services), performed (rendered) by foreign persons, for the purposes of implementation of procurement of goods, works (services) for the country's defense and state security.
Svininyh E.A., candidate of legal sciences, associate professor of the department of civil law,   The author analyzes the provisions of the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from December 24, 2013 № 1224 "About the ban and restrictions on the admission of goods originating from foreign States, works (services) performed (rendered) by foreign persons for the purposes of procurement of goods, works (services) for needs of defense and state security". Based on the results of the analysis conclusions are made about the subjective scope of the legal ban on the admission of the goods, occurring from the foreign states, works (services), performed (rendered) by foreign persons, for the purposes of implementation of procurement of goods, works (services) for the country's defense and state security. The author critically evaluated the position of the Ministry of Economic Development according to which the procurement of goods, works, services for ensuring the country's defense and state security is only purchases within the state defense order. Key words: government procurement; defense procurement; needs of the country's defense and state security.

16. Fraud in the form of false reports and its negative consequences.
E.A. Glukhov , PhD, Lieutenant Colonel of Justice senior teaching -tor of the St. Petersburg Military Institute Russian Interior Troops,  The article reveals the meaning of the term " Fraud " and under - inhabited typical cases of this phenomenon in the military service system. Author ana - lyse one of the types of fraud - false report -tion is subject to their superiors , concludes that the deterioration of governance in this case. Key words : fraud , deceit chief , reporting, inverse - communications , governance, military, fighting, false information.